Grindr Serial Killer Alert!

Rich Juzwiak · 10/19/15 02:23PM

A 40-year-old man from East London named Stephen Port has been charged with murdering four men he met on “gay dating websites,” according to the Evening Standard. His weapon of choice? Lethal doses of the drug GHB, which is known as the “date rape drug,” but is also used recreationally, in bodybuilding, and by John Stamos.

Don't Believe Everything Nick Nolte Tells You About His GHB Binges

John Cook · 12/14/11 03:16PM

In a new GQ profile, Nick Nolte upended one of the great tales of the internet age, revealing that his famous wacked-out mug shot—taken after he passed out while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway—was not actually a mug shot, but a Polaroid he willingly posed for after a cop asked for a picture. Is it true? As true as any recollection Nick Nolte has about his drug-induced catatonic episodes. Which is to say no, it's not true.

Gays Break Records For Deadly Drug Overdoses This Summer

Choire · 08/23/07 11:00AM

Congratulations to this year's crop of hard-partying gays! The latest GHB-related death last weekend on Fire Island quickly follows on the heels of an "unprecedented number" of drug overdoses at the annual Pines Party on the last weekend in July, that big circuit party at which shirtless guys try to do just enough but not too much drugs (and, apparently, fail). Not noted in the report that follows from the president of the Fire Island medical offices—an unprecedented number of arrests of drug dealers at the party this year as well.