Return Of Life

Ryan Tate · 09/23/08 06:21AM

"The Life title is being resurrected as part of a joint venture between Time Inc. and Getty Images that will launch a Web site offering free... downloads from Getty plus the extensive archives from both Getty and the original Life magazine." [Post]

'Are You There God? It’s Me, Antonio.'

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/19/08 04:15PM

Click to Ballistic: Ecks VS Sever star Antonio Banderas sought a small dash of spiritual guidance before receiving an award at the annual San Sebastian Film Festival. Banderas gave a dry run of his acceptance speech. The only counsel God gave was to thank Him first and multiple times through out the speech. “Don’t you think that one mention at the beginning is justified?" Banderas replied. "I won’t come off as how do you say…needy?” God shrugged. “Look, dude, it’s your speech," he said. "Say whatever you want. I’m just trying to offer some constructive notes.” [Photo Credit: Getty Images] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.

Is Getty Images Buying Flickr?

Ryan Tate · 09/18/08 10:58PM

We heard a wild rumor that Getty Images agreed to buy photo-sharing website Flickr from Yahoo. At first blush the gossip sounds crazy. Widely-used Flickr is a crown Web 2.0 jewel for Yahoo, which dissolved its own photo site after acquiring the company, and Getty can already license Flickr photos through a partnership announced in July. But upon further reflection there's a logic to the alleged deal.

We Miss The Mustache, Too

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/16/08 07:20PM

Click to America has spent much of the summer of 2008 falling in love all over again with Robert Downey Jr. It wasn't only his acting prowess, mind you, but also his fantastic facial hair. However, the changing of the seasons means that it's time for him to shave off his beloved goofy mustache. The Iron Man debuted his (mostly) clean shaven look at the UK premiere for Tropic Thunder. Downey Jr. said, “I think the mustache had ran its course. It tickled my wife when we kissed. It was an excellent flavor saver. For a while, it smelled like a Robeks and I loved it. Now, I have to go to work and become an adult all over again.” [Photo Credit: Getty Images] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.

'This Isn’t My Good Side. Please Focus On The Left Side.'

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/16/08 02:30PM

Click to At the premiere of the blockbuster rom-com My Best Friend’s Girl, Jason Biggs went the extra mile to ensure that the press photographed his preferred side. Biggs admitted that he may have been influenced by a recent episode of Entourage, but he’s always a bit sheepish about the right side of his face. Biggs said, “I think there’s a couple of crow’s feet on that side that the Photoshop wizards forgot to remove.” Biggs firmly planted himself in front of the poster until all of the invited guests had walked all the way down the red carpet and into the theater. [Photo Credit: Getty Images] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.

Al Pacino Is Still The Man.

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/11/08 03:30PM

Click to Proving that there’s no age limit on sex appeal, Al Pacino had the women swooning at the after party for Righteous Kill. Pacino chalked up his reinstated animal magnetism to the fact that he wears sunglasses at night. Pacino said, “Girls love a guy in shades. True story. I learned that on the set of The Godfather from Diane Keaton.” Pacino also felt that the shades allow him to get away with more. Pacino explained, “I was hugging Carla and I told her that I thought she was Bobby because you know, I couldn’t see anything with the shades on. It was nice.” Photo Credit: Getty Images *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.

'Don't You Think You Could've Worn A Longer Skirt, Sweetie?'

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/10/08 03:40PM

Backstage at the Michael Kors fashion show, Hollywood legend Bette Midler offered a bit of advice to up and coming Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. Midler knew that Lively was probably wearing a Kors design, but mentioned to her that her hemline could've been a bit longer. Midler said, "Honey, it's far too early in your career to pull a Julianna Margulies. You don't have to be a old lady who's in her thirties just yet, but right above the knee is nice length for you to wear. Classy and sexy." Lively chuckled as she told Milder that she was going to write that bit of advice down on her Blackberry.

'Hi There, How Can I Help You?'

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/10/08 11:20AM

At the Toronto Film Festival screening of Che, beloved actress Rachel McAdams served as the unofficial ambassador of her native country, Canada. She got the idea when she remembered all of the difficulties she had adjusting to American customs and culture on the set of The Hot Chick in 2002. As she sees it, McAdams' role is to help American film stars become acclimated to the more laid back Canadian lifestyle. McAdams said, "There's not a lot of difference between Canada and America, but if people are confused, they shouldn't hesitate to text me." McAdams handed out pamphlets that featured a metric system conversion chart, as well as a collection of vegan donut shops personally curated by McAdams.

Miley Cyrus Kissed A Girl (While Under Parental Supervision)

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/08/08 05:00PM

To help generate further internet excitement and mainstream media buzz, tween superstar Miley Cyrus and potential one hit wonder Katy Perry air kissed their way down the red carpet at the VMAs on Sunday afternoon. Cyrus' mother, Tricia, made sure that she oversaw the air kissing and light hand holding. Mrs. Cyrus said, "I'm just here to make sure she doesn't run into that Ronson chick or get too buck wild. She's already had two Rock Stars, I think that's where it's going to stop today. "

Even Will Smith Can't Resist The Charms Of The Ultimate Cougar

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/05/08 12:40PM

At the premiere of The Women, all of the men in attendance were lured away from their dates by the sweet siren song of Cloris Leachman. Leachman, who's slated to compete in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars, swept stars like Warren Beatty and Will Smith off their feet with her erotic tales of old Hollywood. Smith said, "Cloris has to be the ultimate cougar. If I wasn't with Jada, I'd make a serious play at her. Although, Warren might give me a run for my money." When asked about her newfound status as the ultimate cougar, Leachman said, "I would say that I still got it, but the fact of the matter is that I never lost it."

Robert Downey Jr Smashes It Up!

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/04/08 06:05PM

The 'stache-tastic Robert Downey Jr — along with Japan's very own Iron Man, Hal —went off on a few barrels before the premiere of Iron Man. According to Downey Jr, the barrels were asking for it and got what they deserved. Downey said, "Those barrels were mouthing off. Saying some nasty things about my performance in The Shaggy Dog and now they're going to pay." After having such a blast demolishing the barrels, Downey and Hal agreed to team up on a live action version of Donkey Kong, possibly to be helmed by Wong Kar-Wai.

Rollin' Sushi With The Stars!

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/29/08 02:20PM

Production began last night on a pilot that a group of plucky producers hope will become the next big reality craze, Rollin' Sushi With The Stars. Combining elements from Bravo's Top Chef and Dancing With The Stars, Rollin' Sushi With The Stars is about discovering the celebrity with the greatest California Roll rolling ability. So far, the producers have only convinced two people to join the cast — veteran reality stalwarts Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry. When asked about his involvement with the pilot, Knight said, "Well, we saw a camera setting up down the street from our house and we were like, "We haven't been on TV in weeks and these lavalier mics are just collecting dust. Turns out the producers were looking for some top notch talent and kaboom! We're creating some TV magic. After this, we'll definitely be able to get a table at Nobu."

Sam Rockwell's Dance Party!

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/29/08 01:20PM

Nobody rocks an afterparty like dependable character actor Sam Rockwell rocks an afterparty. Along with his Choke director Clark Gregg, the Galaxy Quest star didn't even wait for the club's DJ to arrive before getting the post-screening dance party started. In between showing off some hot dance moves, Rockwell said, "People don't dance enough these days. It's fun. Oh no, the DJ in my head is just laying down the phattest beats right now." Gregg chimed in with a chant of "Rock Lobster!" as the two sauntered onto an empty dance floor. After a few moments and a few more classic jams from Rockwell's mental DJ, the dance floor remained empty. Rockwell said, "Nobody likes to show up to a party on time. Come back in ten minutes or so and it'll be packed."

Vin Diesel Gives The Thumbs Up To 'Babylon A.D.'

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/27/08 06:55PM

Find Me Guilty star Vin Diesel continued to show his support for the latest action opus Babylon A.D. despite the fact that the film's director recently disavowed it. Leaving the TRL studios, Diesel said, "Babylon A.D. isn't some red-headed stepchild that you throw out with the bath water. It's a rip roaring good time with explosions and me and some more explosions. I'm not going to disown it anytime soon. I'll be there on midnight Thursday night. " Diesel expressed a desire to record multiple commentary tracks for the DVD release and has began to brainstorm ideas for the sequel. Before hopping into his limo, Diesel confidentially stated, "I hope we can get Mathieu back for the sequel."

Come Ride The Lightning With Me!

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/12/08 12:15PM

Jack Black most certainly brought the lightning to the premiere of Tropic Thunder in Westwood on Monday night. Black felt that his electrifying jacket helped with the comedic forecast for the evening: 95% chance of awesomeness, with a high likelihood that you'll be laughing so hard you'll shoot Diet Coke out of your nostrils. Black got the idea for the jacket after walking by a Spencer's Gifts at a local mall. Black said, "I saw this cool black light poster and I thought it would make for an even sweeter jacket. It may be a bit distracting during the movie, though."

The Culkin Brothers Split Over Water

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/06/08 11:40AM

While waiting in line for a screening of Pineapple Express, famed siblings Macaulay and Kieran Culkin got into a very heated debate over the quality of their bottle water. Macaulay felt that while the water could've been a bit colder, it was still refreshing and satisfying. However, Kieran felt that water was bland and too predictable. Macaulay pointed to his brother towards the various brands of flavored water available at the theater, but Kieran just shook his head. A crowd quickly formed around the brothers who asked the brothers to debate more topics. One onlooker commented, "These two guys should be the guys replacing Ebert & Roeper. You can really tell that they don't like each other."

It's Okay, Sweetie. Not Everybody Is Going To See Batman This Weekend

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/17/08 12:00PM

At an afterparty for a screening of Mamma Mia!, Pierce Brosnan consoled his co-star Amanda Seyfried and her anxiety about the film's opening. Seyfried was worried that nobody was going to watch their movie this weekend, because she assumed all movie goers would see The Dark Knight over and over again. Brosnan assured Seyfried that there'll be an audience for the film, taking time to explain to her about the concept of alternative programming. Brosnan said, "When The Dark Knight is sold out, which it's going to be, what else are people going to watch? That's where our movie comes in. We're going to be just fine, champ."

Will Ferrell, Celebrity Scanner

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/16/08 01:30PM

At the premiere of his latest film, Step Brothers, Will Ferrell attempted to use his newly acquired telepathic skills to make peoples' head explode. Ferrell recently watched the 1981 David Cronenberg film Scanners and felt inspired to pursue the telepathic arts. Ferrell said, "I started out small. Using my mind to blow up cantaloupes, watermelons. You know, the Gallagher classics. Now, I feel that I'm ready to move onto bigger things."

How Do You Say ... Ah Yes ... Buy My Perfume

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/10/08 05:45PM

Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever star Antonio Banderas introduced his new fragrance, Blue Seduction, in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Banderas described Blue Seduction as smelling like a Sunday morning after a hot and passionate and steamy Saturday night. Or, as Banderas lovingly said, "Like every night and day at my home." \Then Banderas launched a diatribe about how, if women use his fragrance, it will awaken the lost passion in their relationships. Besides, he said, "I know a thing or two about the way a man would want his woman to smell." Banderas then paused for a breath of air and woefully admitted that he really had no clue as to how the perfume smells, it was just that Melanie was spending more money than she was allotted and he thought this would be an easy way to clear his Capital One balance.