I Can't Believe I Gave Brody Jenner My Phone Number

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/20/08 05:25PM

Beloved actress Anne Hathaway embarked on a mini walk of shame outside of Coco De Ville Tuesday night. The Get Smart star, who recently split from con man & Zach Braff look alike Raffaello Follieri, allegedly had a lapse in judgment and gave reality TV maven Brody Jenner her number. At the valet station, Hathaway confessed to a BFF that she was suckered in by Jenner's frat boy charm. Hathaway sighed, "He had a backwards hat on and, well, I don't know....He just seemed like a guy who wouldn't be able pull off an elaborate con involving the Vatican, which is exactly the kind of guy I'm looking to rebound with. And he was wearing a backwards hat."

Chivalrous Steve Carell Saves Anne Hathaway From Ex's Voracious Italian Countrymen

STV · 07/08/08 07:00PM

Anne Hathaway's long road back from her oily-boyfriend, dog-abandoning private hell had one final hurdle Monday: The Italian premiere of Get Smart, where Raffaello Follieiri's compatriots bared their red-carpet fangs at the actress — who apparently, despite her ever-expansive doe eyes, didn't see it coming. Thank God, though, Steve Carell was there, defying his typecast incompetence in his helpless co-star's service:

So, I Just Put My Hand On The Black Spot?

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/07/08 02:20PM

Get Smart star Anne Hathaway implemented a Garanimals style system to help with her co-star Steve Carell's hand placement during a photo call in Rome. Hathaway had noticed at prior press conferences and premieres that Carell seemed unsure as to where he should put his hands, so Hathaway purchased this dress to help him out. Carell appreciated what he called the "hand squares on the dress" and thanked Hathaway for being so conscientious.

Top Ten Worst Kissers In Hollywood: From The 'Icky' To The 'Sweaty' To Tongues That Taste Like 'Kitty Litter'

Molly Friedman · 06/25/08 07:00PM

We've already heard enough stars insisting that those sex scenes we find either major turn-ons (Mickey Rourke force-feeding Kim Basinger strawberries on the kitchen floor in 9 1/2 Weeks) or majorly eye-scarring (Heather Graham faking her way through grainy limo thrusts in Boogie Nights) are totally perfunctory while filming. With the massive crew surrounding them, the sudden lighting checks, and simple fact that they've gotta feign spontaneous heat take after take, we've leaned towards taking their word for it. And as it turns out, no matter how big the star or legendary their prowess in the bedroom, even simple kissing scenes with the most gorgeous A-listers around range from "awkward and sweaty" to "slightly icky and sort of wet." Where Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio and more rank on the list of Worst On-Screen Kissers after the jump.

Raffaello Follieri Arrested For Swindling God Out Of His Savings

Seth Abramovitch · 06/24/08 11:00AM

It should have by all accounts been a joyous time in the Raffaello Follieri-Anne Hathaway household—she, starring in the #1 movie in America, he, setting up a variety of high-stakes shell-games around the globe and reaping their unsavory rewards. Could the pitter-patter of little Raffaello feet—fleecing daycare mates out of their snacks under the guise of a Third World milk-and-cookie drive—have been far behind? Of course, it wasn't meant to be. Raffaello was the target of a New York State Attorney General's Office investigation, and Hathaway—likely after an all-night handling team intervention that culminated in an exhausted junior P.R. agent shouting, "You've got to leave him, Anne! If not for you—for Prada 2!"—finally broke things off with him. Raffaello, Manhattan prosecutors announced today, has been arrested on wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges. Oh, and there's also that little white lie he told about being God's hedge fund manager. Oopsies!

The 'Smart' Money is on Anybody But Mike Myers

STV · 06/23/08 12:15PM

With the summer solstice finally arriving in our rear-view mirrors over the weekend, join us in recognizing the first real box-office hits and misses of the season:

Maxwell Smart Set to Bury 'Guru' in Clash of Stinky Summer Titans

STV · 06/20/08 11:15AM

Welcome to another edition of Defamer Attractions, your regular guide to what's new, noteworthy and/or nightmarish this week at the movies. Today we hold our noses for the aromatic opening-weekend duel of Get Smart and The Love Guru, crack open the L.A. Film Festival catalog for a bit of a desperately needed counterprogramming, and handpick a few fine new DVD's for the agoraphobes among us. As always, our opinions are our own, but as long as they don't involve Manoj Night Shyamalan's box-office viability, they're also without peer.

'Get Smart' Adds Anne Hathaway's Man Trouble to Formula For Box-Office Glory

STV · 06/19/08 02:00PM

Shame on anyone — anyone! — who would dare trivialize Anne Hathaway's recent break-up with entrepreneur and check-kiting hobbyist Raffaello Follieri as anything but a natural process of hearts drifting apart under the intense pressures of careers, fame and/or state investigations. And can't a nice girl just stay friendly with her notorious ex without facing insinuations she's manipulating their relationship on the week of her new film's release? We mean, really, Page Six — what's so wrong with that?

Shellshocked 'Letterman' Guest Steve Carell Sees Dead People

STV · 06/18/08 04:30PM

Now that we've viewed Get Smart, we feel safe and more than a little sad to report that the sluggish advance word — i.e. "staggeringly bad" — overheard a few weeks ago wasn't too far from the truth. Worse yet, the contagion appeared to have reached Late Night with David Letterman on Tuesday, when the host noted a physical resemblance between star Steve Carell and the late Don Adams, the original Maxwell Smart whom Carell momentarily claimed to have met at this week's premiere. Honest mistake, apparently — he meant to say "Adams's widow"! Shortly after correcting Carell, Letterman proposed showing a clip; the star's deadpan gives way to a look of head-shaking terror we think he actually may have meant in earnest. Or perhaps it was just our post-Smart malaise messing with us. Judge for yourself after the jump, and let's all hope Carell has a less unnerving late-night act together by the time the inevitable Get Smart 2 comes around in a couple of years. [CBS]

Why Good Girls Anne Hathaway And Jennifer Aniston Are Dating Schmucks

Molly Friedman · 06/12/08 06:45PM

The NY Daily News makes a bold (and frightening) opening statement in their story published today regarding good girl Anne Hathaway and her very bad boy boyfriend, money-laundering, law suit magnet Raffaello Follieri: "You are who you date." While that statement may seem to be a bit elementary, they make a good point in Anne's case. No matter how charming she is on screen, how little she appears on the pages of tabloids or how impossible we find it to dislike her in any way, the fact remains that she is still with the sleazy mess of a man. And has been for years, despite all the trouble he's had with the law. And she's not the only major bankable goody two shoes actress lessening "her stock" by dating a guy who's far lower on the Hollywood totem pole: the piece also argues that Jennifer Aniston's summer fling with tattooed bed-hopper John Mayer is just as reputation damaging as Hathway's sketchy romance. So why are these beyond eligible bachelorettes digging through the back lot trash for love?

Pink Eye, Lying Boyfriends And Snot: A Love Story Starring Anne Hathaway And Steve Carell

Molly Friedman · 06/09/08 01:05PM

Many of us learned more than we needed to about that trendy college dorm infection known as pink eye from Knocked Up and Stephen Colbert. In the elegant Apatow flick, we learn that farting on pillows will cause it, and on a recent Colbert Report, Stephen noted that farting on your boss’s computer is not cool, because of the e. coli and the, well, okay we’re done. But sadly the itchy inflammation is in the headlines once again thanks to Anne Hathaway, who delighted reporters recently by recalling her snotty, puss-filled, tear-blubbering kissing scene with Steve Carell while shooting Get Smart. As she said to Steve at the time, “My eye is red, puffy and dripping green — I'm snotty, and I'm just like 'Come here!'” Though Anne blames the irritation on sinus problems and the like, we wouldn’t be surprised if Anne’s slime actually came from her slimeball of a beau, considering a piece in today’s NY Post reveals the lawbreaker is in trouble yet again:

Ken Davitian Corners Short, Swarthy Sidekick Roles With 'Get Smart'

seth · 03/05/07 01:59PM

Since his full-frontal breakout performance playing roving Kazakh cultural ambassador Borat Sagdiyev's long-suffering producer Azamat Bagatov in the Borat movie, self-described "day player" Ken Davitian has now officially graduated from "get me a fat Armenian-looking dude" Central Casting parts to becoming a bankable, sought-after talent in his own right. Davitian has just signed on to play the evil sidekick in the Get Smart movie: