Science Disproves Five Second Rule, All Bets Are Off

Robert Kessler · 10/17/12 03:15PM

For decades we have been trapped by America's tyrannical "Five Second Rule," which mandates that all food be marinated on the floor for a full five seconds before it can be consumed. But not a second more! At long last, that rule has been tested.

Anderson Cooper's Cell Phone Is Covered in Poop

Brian Moylan · 10/18/11 02:44PM

If you haven't caught Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show yet today, you should, because it's all about poop. Just kidding, you shouldn't watch it. No, just kidding. Watch it, but it's really about germs, not poop. OK, fine, it's about poop germs on Andy's phone.

Scientists Discover How Germ Converts Pee into Rocket Fuel

Brian Moylan · 10/03/11 04:18PM

Dutch scientists at the Radboud University Nijmegen have discovered how the germ anammox converts ammonia, which is found in urine, into the rocket fuel hydrazine. See, you and your ubiquitous bottle of Purell thought germs were a bad thing.

Drink Enough Milk or Die

Hamilton Nolan · 07/12/10 02:43PM

Cholesterol kids! Weight loss drugs! Glucosamine failure! Skin cancer diversity! Proper sneeze coverage! And your daily milk needs, revealed! It's your Monday Health Watch column, where we watch your health: with supplemental protein!