All Over the Country, It's Getting Harder for Poor and Black People to Vote

Andy Cush · 08/01/16 12:30PM

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a contentious presidential election coming up in November. Each side will do everything in its power in hopes of claiming victory. For some Republicans, the playbook includes making it more difficult for nonwhite people to get to the polls.

Owner of Confederate-Themed Bar in Georgia Says “N*****ita” Drink Special Is a Fake

Kelly Conaboy · 10/27/15 02:34PM

General Beauregard’s is a bar in Athens, Georgia, known for its sweet tea, live country music, and brazen, nauseating dedication to Confederacy. Many people readily believed an image of a drink menu offering a “N*****ita” shooter circulating on social media late Monday night came from General Beauregard’s menu. However, the bar’s owner says the viral image is a hoax.