Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/15/10 06:54AM

Rachel Roy, the fashion designer and ex-wife of Damon Dash, turns 36 today. Actor Chad Lowe is turning 42. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is 50. Eddie Cahill of CSI: NY turns 32. Mario Van Peeples is turning 53. Shane McMahon, the wrestler and son of WWE chairman Vince McMahon, is 40. And singer Charo turns 59 today. A few people celebrating birthdays this weekend are below.

Guess Who's Coming to NYC?

cityfile · 03/18/09 12:40PM

Bobby Jindal isn't officially running for president in 2012. But he sure isn't wasting any time filling up his campaign coffers. We're pleased to share with you this invite that went out to top NYC Republican donors this week, promising "cocktails and conversation" with the Republican governor of Louisiana at Georgette Mosbacher's Fifth Avenue apartment on April 15. For just $1,000 a person. (Or $2,000 if you're spending corporate money.) A larger scan of the invite is here.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/16/09 07:23AM

Kate Moss turns 35 today. Page Six's Richard Johnson is turning 55. Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl is celebrating her 61st. Republican fundraiser (and cosmetics company founder) Georgette Mosbacher is 62. Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi is turning 28. Dr. Laura Schlessinger is 62. And the singer Sade is 50. Weekend birthdays appear after the jump!

Guess the Ex-Husband

cityfile · 11/13/08 09:08AM

Can you pick out the ex-husband of the actress, socialite, singer, TV talk show host, political fundraiser, and magazine editor? Click on "More" for the answers.

A Baby for Amy and Will, More Madonna Chatter

cityfile · 10/27/08 05:57AM

Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett became parents for the first time on Saturday when Amy gave birth to a son, Archie. [Us]
♦ Madonna is in "meltdown mode," and asked her assistant to gather all the items she received from Guy Ritchie so she can "bury them." Guy, meanwhile, has reportedly said the couple's marriage began to disintegrate when she started planning their sex life around her workout schedule. [MSNBC, Daily Mail]
♦ Jennifer Hudson is offering a $100,000 reward for the return of her nephew, who went missing on Friday when her mother and brother were fatally shot. [People, Access Hollywood]
♦ Lindsay Lohan doesn't want people thinking she's a lesbian just because she's dating a girl. [NYDN]

Georgette Mosbacher's Summer Vacation to Afghanistan

cityfile · 08/13/08 11:06AM

Thought you were having a busy summer? Try catching up with Georgette Mosbacher. The Republican operative, co-chair of the RNC finance committtee, and three-time divorcée took off to Egypt in June at the request of Mrs. Hosni Mubarak. In July, she headed with pal Barbara Walters to Syria (which is not a "third world country," she'd like you to know), where she dined with President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma. Then it was off to Venice "to join Allison and Leonard Stern aboard their yacht the Lady Allison for a nine-day cruise of the Dalmatian Coast." Barbara and Georgie disembarked in Dubrovnik and headed home. But Georgette was back on the road two days later, heading to Brussels to meet up with General Bantz John Craddock, the Supreme Allied Commander, at NATO headquarters. Then? She headed to Kabul. Seriously.

Georgette Mosbacher

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:31PM

The head of luxury cosmetics company Borghese, Mosbacher is better known for her red-maned presence on the social circuit and as one of the GOP's most reliable—and highest-profile—fundraisers.

Max Bernstein: No Leak I

Chris Mohney · 10/20/06 05:18PM

Wynn-Picasso leak update: After favorite suspect Jacob Bernstein came forward to say it was actually his poker- and punk-playing brother Max (pictured) that their mother Nora Ephron had told about Steve Wynn poking his Picasso, we added Max to the suspect poll. This cleverly spread out the Bernstein suspicion among the two brothers, leading to Barbara Walters taking the lead. Now Max writes in to defend himself as well, and he brings a new character into the scenario — Arianna Huffington:

Steve Wynn Picasso Attack: Fix the Leak

Chris Mohney · 10/20/06 11:30AM

Yesterday, we expressed curiosity as to who might have leaked the story about Vegas casino boss Steve Wynn damaging his $139 million Picasso right before selling it. Witness to the event Nora Ephron claimed it was "very clear" who talked to Page Six, but she did not ID the leaker by name. We have our suspicions, and we admit to throwing out another Ephron quote a little disingenuously — the one where she told one of her sons about it, but that it wasn't a violation of the secrecy pact because her son is "completely trustworthy."

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 02/28/03 12:31PM

· Norman Mailer: "Updike and Roth and Bellow aren't in the papers all the time. When they are, it's because they're writing about something. If I'm in the papers, it's because Page Six has got me urinating between two cars when a cop goes by." [Page Six]
· The NYT on Suzan Lori Parks' new play, "Fuckin' A": "The title of this play cannot be printed." [Page Six]
· Socialite Georgette Mosbacher is looking for a gas mask for her dog. She says she found one on the Internet in Israel, but she needs someone to "buy one there and bring it back." [Page Six]
· NY Mag's "Intelligencer" columnist Marc Malkin will host the first-ever "Chicago" sing-along at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on Wednesday. Drag queens will be on hand to "inspire" the audience. [Page Six]
· Men's Health Editor David Zinczenko is featured in an article by Anna David in this month's Playboy in which she refers to him as "Magazine Guy" and details an encounter she had with him that was not sex "according to the Clintonian definition." [NY Daily News]