Taylor Berman · 12/11/13 09:55AM

[While traveling on Air Force One to Johannesburg for Nelson Mandela's memorial, George W. Bush shows off his new paintings to Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, and Laura Bush. Photo via Pete Souza]

George W. Bush Unveils New Painting, Discusses Putin Dog Diss on Leno

Taylor Berman · 11/20/13 11:16AM

Everyone's favorite retiree George W. Bush appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, ostensibly to promote his new library but also to show off one of his new paintings, which he gave to host Jay Leno. The painting, a portrait of Leno, marks something of an artistic shift for Bush, who has spent the past several months seemingly painting only animals—specifically, cats and dogs.

These New George W. Bush Paintings May Herald a "Cat Period"

Max Read · 08/27/13 02:58PM

Two new paintings by former president George W. Bush, published for the first time here on Gawker, give us a new window into the ongoing development of the tortured artist/torture advocate—and opens the possibility for a new phase in his oeuvre: cats.

A Watermelon, a Golf Course, a Horse, and Monstrous Dogs: 12 New Paintings from George W. Bush

Max Read · 03/21/13 03:30PM

A watermelon, viewed from above, casts a greenish shadow on a white table. Two small figures on a putting green are spied from behind a distant tree. A horse with cow-like markings stands in field. Dogs, of course: a Shih Tzu and a Boxer sitting against an electric blue void. A Sheepdog next to a ball. A Corgi and a Lab at awkward, physically impossible angles, splayed out against the ground. And some kind of hound mix, maybe, grey and monstrous, sitting outside the White House, separated from the seat of power by iron bars, staring ambivalently out of frame.

We Have Six New Amazing Paintings by George W. Bush

Max Read · 03/20/13 05:46PM

In February, a hacker named Guccifer revealed to the world the hidden artistic talents of George W. Bush, releasing to The Smoking Gun a handful of photographs of oil paintings by the former president that had been taken from personal Bush family emails. The images were well-received by critics and laypeople alike, but they represented only a small portion of the budding outsider artist's oeuvre. Little more was being made available: In an interview with an Atlanta television station, his art teacher said he'd painted "over 50 dogs," tantalizingly few of which were actually shown on the broadcast. Otherwise, the Texan Master was silent. The world was crying out for more Bush art, more raw talent, more lush brushstrokes—more dogs—and nothing was forthcoming.

Hacker Exposes Bush Family Emails, Photos, and George W. Bush's Amazing Self-Portraits

Taylor Berman · 02/07/13 11:03PM

After gaining access to the personal email accounts of Dorothy Bush, George W. Bush's sister, and several friends close to the Bush family, a hacker apparently obtained Bush family photos, cell phone numbers, security codes, information about George H.W. Bush's health, a post-election email from Fox New's Brit Hume, and, most amazingly, pictures of George W. Bush's in-progress paintings, which are just as awkward and simple as you'd hope. All told, six accounts were hacked, including emails for Barbara Bush's brother, family friend Willard Hemingway, and CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, another friend of the family.