Carson Campaign Emulates George Costanza After GOP Debate

Andy Cush · 11/11/15 12:21PM

In one of Seinfeld’s most memorable episodes, George spends the entire 30 minutes telling his friends about the great comeback he would have employed against an insulting coworker, if he’d thought of it at the time. At the end, he travels halfway across the country and painstakingly recreates the original situation just to tell the guy “The jerk store called, and they’re running out of you!” A sick burn that Ben Carson’s campaign almost landed on Donald Trump last night was kind of like that, too.

Hipster Racism Runoff And The Search for The Black Costanza

cord jefferson · 04/27/12 06:45PM

Another week, another episode of Girls with no black people, another Gawker Media piece about why it's fucked up to not include black people in your show about New York, another article from angry neocons attacking Gawker Media. The dust Lena Dunham's new HBO show has managed to kick up thus far is remarkable in light of its relatively average ratings. But it's also noteworthy because far fewer people seemed to care when the crimes of which the show is accused happened before—many times. Though it's taken on different iterations throughout the years, the white-ified TV New York City has served as a backdrop for lots of America's most beloved programs, and there is no sign that that trend is slowing. Hate Girls all you want, but recognize that Dunham is following a precedent that started even before she was born.

The Serious Side of Seinfeld

Aman Ellis · 04/30/10 03:42PM

Everyone's favorite sitcom was not always the comedic masterpiece that it's now thought as. Larry David's first sketch of the show was actually a drama. Here's what the show would have looked like if Larry had taken his original route.