Jeb Bush: "I Would Not Have Gone Into Iraq"

Ashley Feinberg · 05/14/15 01:42PM

Finally, a whole four days after he first said that yes, he would have gone into Iraq, then said he misheard the question, and then said the question is mean to our troops, Jeb Bush has finally given us a definitive(-ish?) answer: Knowing what we know today, Jeb Bush would not have authorized an invasion in Iraq. Probably.

Adam Weinstein · 01/02/14 04:54PM

Geez, Dubya, call your mom already.

Bush's 9/11 Storytime Kids Are Now 16 and Happy Bin Laden's Dead

Seth Abramovitch · 05/04/11 02:23AM

The students of Sandra Kay Daniels' 2nd grade class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School, in Sarasota, FL., were accidental footnotes to history — eyewitnesses to President Bush's stunned, seven-minute reaction to the news that the World Trade Center had been struck by hijacked passenger planes on the morning of September 11, 2001.

More Pentagon Papers Donald Rumsfeld Doesn't Want You to See

John Cook · 04/11/11 12:30PM

In July 2004, as the Iraq War spiraled out of control, Donald Rumsfeld ordered a staffer to draw up a "What Did Not Happen?" memo—a list of potential bad outcomes that had been avoided—to make himself feel better. Things could be worse, right?

The Rules for Wearing Flip-Flops

Brian Moylan · 01/05/11 03:31PM

Everyone is in a tizzy because Barack Obama dared to wear flip-flops while on vacation. Really? Just so there's never confusion on this matter again, we're going to break down the rules for when it's appropriate to wear them.

So, Kanye West Had Another Long Rant

Christopher Han · 11/24/10 12:57PM

"...Taylor never came to my defense in any interview!" Last night, at his record release show/party at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, Kanye West went on a nine-minute tirade about, well, just about everything. This is not unprecedented.

It's Time to Deal with Those Bush Tax Cuts

Jim Newell · 09/07/10 11:45AM

Members of Congress are finally heading back to their jobs after an entire month of summer vacation. And, to their disgust, they have important work ahead: determining the future of the expiring Bush tax cuts. What will they do?

Dave's Version of Obama's State of the Union

Whitney Jefferson · 02/02/10 12:44PM

Last night on The Late Show Dave and his staff re-imagined what Obama's first State of the Union address was like. Weirdly enough, it portrays George Bush as the cool kid-type who shows up late to the school assembly.