Rap Genius Is an Oddly Appropriate Venue For This Story About Rap Lyrics Being Used Against Rappers in Court

Jordan Sargent · 04/15/16 02:05PM

Today on the internet, there is an interview with Erik Nielson, a professor of literature and hip-hop at the University of Richmond, on the subject of rap lyrics being used against young men of color in criminal trials across the country. Nielson has written about the phenomenon and has served as an expert witness for defense attorneys hoping to convince juries that their clients are not violent criminals based on lyrics they may or may not have rapped.

The Outrage Over People Potentially Being Mean on News Genius Isn't News

Sam Biddle · 03/30/16 09:48AM

In 2013, the lyric-explanation website Rap Genius rebranded simply as “Genius,” and announced that it would try to annotate not only songs, but poems, essays, and news articles. Three years later, the startup has become a flash point in the panicked and disingenuous hustle to scrub the internet of unkindness, which has since gotten confused with “abuse.”

So-Called Genius Needs More Than A Minute To Descend Two Feet

Chris Thompson · 09/30/15 06:25PM

Is this what passes for genius these days? Oh man, gotta get from this short-ass perch to right there—right there—on that carpeted floor. Better rearrange the whole goddamn bed situation. Guy probably needs crampons and a hundred feet of rope to get back on the bed.

Copywriter Uses People's Incessant Self-Googling to Get a Job

Adrian Chen · 05/13/10 11:11PM

If there is one common current that runs throughout all of humanity, it is that everyone Googles themselves all day, every day. Humans are vain creatures! Copywriter Alec Brownstein used this fact to get a job via Google AdWords.

Aspray Your Butt

Hamilton Nolan · 07/27/09 02:17PM

Aspray your butt. Why have a stank butt, or stank privates? Aspray them. The odors disappear. As this commercial that's really been running on TV emphasizes: Aspray is safe for your butt, and privates. Click to watch. [via Adfreak]