Men Suck, Says a Woman

Adrian Chen · 02/19/11 07:48PM

The Wall Street Journal is really going for broke with these "lightning rod"-type opinion pieces lately. Amy Chua, the Tiger Mother, stayed atop the Journal's "most-read" list for weeks by outraging all of Western motherhood with her brash claims of Chinese superiority. Now, a new essay by Kay S. Hymowitz aims to do the same thing with single men.

Why Are Straight Women So Obsessed with Gay Sex?

Brian Moylan · 08/18/10 01:32PM

It's a bit of a joke that straight guys are into "hot girl-on-girl action," but what's new is the burgeoning industry of "M/M romances," erotic novels about gay men written by and for straight women. What's that about?

Scientists Discover Tranny Gene

Richard Lawson · 10/30/08 10:14AM

Ever looked at that tranny teetering down the center median of the boulevard and asked yourself "why'd he choose to be like that for?" Well, it turns out that it may not be a choice at all, according to science, which released a statement today, by way of Australian researchers who believe they have found a possible genetic cause for male-to-female transexualism. Suck it, Nurture! The scientists of Oz believe that extra length of the androgen receptor gene may weaken testosterone signals that are sent out to various parts of the brain and body that make you do boy things like play sports and enjoy having a penis. One of the researchers told the Australian AP:

Fancy Hotel Lets Men Pamper Themselves While Wives Off at Sex and the City Movie

Richard Lawson · 05/12/08 04:19PM

Hey fellas! Do all those bubbly broads of yours have super "girls nights out" planned for the much cooed and shrieked about Sex and the City movie? Do you, duhhh, feel left out, like you want some real mantertainment? Well the ultra butch Four Seasons Hotel here in New York has just the right package for you! I mean, "...for you." Nothin' frilly. The "It's Not All About Sex and the City Package" offers such man-centric amenities as one round of "Anything but Cosmos" at the bar (flirtinis are totes available!), free dick flicks like Die Hard and Full Metal Jacket, and nice plush terrycloth bathrobes for you and your buddy. OK, not necessarily that last bit. But yes, I did say buddy. This package is based on double occupancy, but don't worry! There are "double-bedded accommodations," so you won't have to share a bed or even touch or anything. You can just spend all night in your separate cozy beds, watching shit get blown up, farting away your steak dinner, happy that there is absolutely nothing gay about this. And it's only $2,000 a night! Men! I mean, Men. Full package details after the jump.

Baby Mama Will Tell Us What To Think About Women

Richard Lawson · 04/25/08 10:47AM

So Tina Fey's new movie Baby Mama comes out today! It's a very important movie because it will once and for all decide if she is the funniest woman in America or absolutely no one. Yes indeed. And in doing so, Tina Fey will finally determine for all of us if, in fact, women are funny. You see this isn't just a comedy with a woman in it. It's a comedy starring a woman! A woman with her own TV show! And her costar is a woman too! Not since Gloria Steinem wrote and directed the Cameron Diaz vehicle The Sweetest Thing has there been such an important comedy film for and about womyn (that was written and directed by a man). This is the most important 96 minutes of Ms. Fey's career, but also in the history of our gender war. It's important that we go into the theater informed, so we may properly participate in this historic debate. After the jump find a small digest of the film's reviews.

Paglia: Evil, Manly Hillary Surrounded by Pussies

Pareene · 04/09/08 12:37PM

Oh happy day! Post-feminist "social critic" Camille Paglia is taking your letters over at Salon! Well, "your" letters if "you" are the type of person who writes in to ask why, exactly, noted evil bitch Hillary Clinton only surrounds herself with "passive-aggressive, sadistic, mean, little, petty beta-male pieces of work who would not naturally succeed in a common male-type hierarchy." Paglia's response? That is a very, very good question. She herself has noticed that "the male staff who Hillary attracts are slick, geeky weasels or rancid, asexual cream puffs." Oh, but we've barely scraped the armchair-psychoanalytical surface!

Choire · 10/02/07 04:26PM

The IRS claims in a pretrial motion that gender reassignment surgery isn't tax-deductible, and says that just because gender dysphoria appears in the DSM-IV, that doesn't make it an illness—after all, "Other so-called disorders in the DSM appear not to have any component of illness, mental or otherwise, such as 'Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, Jet Lag Type,' i.e., jet lag." [Tax Prof]