Undead Goose Haunts the Boston Sky, Refuses to Pass On

Caity Weaver · 08/09/13 03:05PM

A terrible, honking specter with a hole in his head and a heart ossified by hate will soon return to haunt the skies above Boston, taunting the mortals below and hissing in the face of their “God."

Watch a Fox Lick a Window While a Goose Screams

Matt Cherette · 02/01/11 11:49PM

This video is just, like, the epitome of WTF. Where do I begin? First of all, what the hell is that thing screaming in the background? Is it a goose? I don't know. And that fox licking the window? Wat?

Wild Goose Chase Ends Poorly

Hamilton Nolan · 10/11/10 03:17PM

Wausau, Wisconsin police arrested a 40 year-old man who "plunged into the Wisconsin River while chasing a one-legged goose." He told police he "wanted to catch the bird and roast it." He'd reportedly "been drinking heavily before the stunt." [Pic]