Oprah Pal Plays Yenta with Facebook CEO

Owen Thomas · 03/13/09 05:12PM

How much coffee did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg drink before going on Oprah? We've never seen the 24-year-old Harvard dropout talk this fast. Instead of nervous pauses, he filled the air with spew.

The Home That Google Built

Owen Thomas · 03/08/09 03:00PM

Twitter CEO Ev Williams and his wife, Sara Morishige, are building a house. What took so long? San Francisco's most disorganized Internet boss dude has been rich since 2003, after he sold Blogger to Google.

'Lily' Wants $3 Million for Tales of Dating Tesla CEO

Owen Thomas · 02/28/09 08:00AM

Sunny Huang, a California woman who goes by "Asian Beauty Lily" online, wants $3 million for the story of her "glamorous and loving relationship" with Elon Musk, the CEO of troubled electric automaker Tesla Motors.

Google Billionaire Ex-Wife's Revenge Wedding

Owen Thomas · 01/06/09 08:36PM

What did the ex-wife of Google executive Omid Kordestani (net worth: $2.2 billion) do after getting dumped for a younger woman? She hooked up with a doctor and hired Julio Iglesias as her wedding singer.

Digg Founder Wants to Date Jennifer Aniston

Owen Thomas · 12/29/08 04:48PM

Kevin Rose, the boyish founder of Digg, a testosterone-soaked news-discussion site, has resolved to "date someone seriously" in 2009. Specifically, he plans to woo Marley & Me star Jennifer Aniston.

Craigslist founder uses ink and paper to find glasses

Owen Thomas · 12/18/08 02:40PM

Craig Newmark, the hypernerdy classifieds-site operator who's destroying the newspaper industry, has found the limits of Craigslist. After repeated appeals online, he's taken to looking for a pair of lost glasses using old media.

Google exec Marissa Mayer engaged

Owen Thomas · 12/12/08 02:40PM

It's Silicon Valley's fairytale romance: Girly-girl nerd worth hundreds of millions meets fellow with a job who looks good in a tux. And now Marissa Mayer and Zack Bogue are getting married, a tipster says.

FuckedCompany founder to marry outside tech tribe

Owen Thomas · 12/10/08 11:20PM

In the self-involved world of Silicon Valley, finding a suitable mate outside the industry is inconceivable. Dating at work is par for the course. So congratulations are due to Philip Kaplan and his new fiancée for defying local convention.

Google CEO's unemployed girlfriend

Owen Thomas · 12/04/08 05:00PM

What's the use of dating a megabillionaire if he can't throw some bucks your way? Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who's been seeing video producer Kate Bohner since last fall, hasn't come through with funding for her documentary production firm, so she's out of a job.

Tesla chief's actress girlfriend into his "physics"

Owen Thomas · 11/12/08 05:20PM

The liquored-up consensus at San Francisco watering hole Joey & Eddie's last night: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is actually kind of hot. Musk, who drove up in one of his electric car startup's Roadsters to speak to me yesterday, is divorcing sci-fi novelist wife Justine and has taken up with a British actress, Talulah Riley, whom he squired to a party earlier this year at Tesla's Silicon Valley showroom.Riley told the Daily Mail that she "fell in love with Elon because of our mutual love of physics." Perhaps it was "physiques." Those British accents are tricky. Justine Musk's comment on the 23-year-old Riley, in her LiveJournal: "She is not blonde, and I do find this refreshing." (Photo of Musk by Robert Scoble; photo of Riley via Daily Mail)

VentureBeat blogger writes about girlfriend's company

Owen Thomas · 11/07/08 05:20PM

Leah Culver, the ever-romantic founder of file-sharing site Pownce, does not think anything should keep two lovers apart, least of all work. True! And if she wants to date MG Siegler, the handsome VentureBeat blogger, more power to her. Brian Solis's lens captured the two sticking quite close to each other at a party for MySpace Music last night. But shouldn't Siegler, rather than Valleywag, disclose the relationship to his readers before he writes flatteringly about Pownce and quotes Culver in an article? (Photo by Brian Solis/