Gaza Man "Cheated" Into Selling Banksy Painted on His Door for $175

Andy Cush · 04/01/15 06:04PM

When Banksy lands in a city and begins a street art-making spree, there's a routine that usually follows. First, the stenciled paintings are ignored, then, after people realize what they are, they are gawked at and occasionally vandalized. Eventually, they are cordoned off and protected from the public, and finally, they are physically removed, and someone makes a lot of money, or hopes to. An extreme version of this complex lottery played out for one unlucky family in Gaza recently.

British Foreign Office Minister Resigns Over Government's Gaza Policy

Aleksander Chan · 08/05/14 08:12PM

Sayeeda Warsi took to Twitter early this morning to announce her resignation from her position as a senior British Foreign Office minister for faith and communities, citing the government's "morally indefensible" approach to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. When she was appointed in 2010, Warsi became the first Muslim to serve in a British Cabinet.

Here Is a List of Wars That Started Over Major Horseshit

Adam Weinstein · 08/04/14 02:55PM

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson launched strikes against North Vietnam for attacking U.S. warships without provocation in the Tonkin Gulf. Six days later, Congress passed a "Gulf of Tonkin resolution" giving Johnson carte blanche to make war in Vietnam. It was a thin pretext for protracted conflict.

Here Is an Israeli Paper Column Titled "When Genocide Is Permissible"

Adam Weinstein · 08/01/14 11:55AM

This morning, the not-so-subtly pro-settler, pro-war Times of Israel published an op-ed explaining that genocide is okay when the victims are Gazans. The paper quickly thought better of it, and took down the piece. We saved it here in its entirety, because it's an important window into a terrible mindset.

David Frum's Apology for His Nutty Theory Links to More Nutty Theories

Adam Weinstein · 07/31/14 10:55AM

Atlantic senior editor David Frum was ridiculed this week for pushing a conspiracy theory about photos of suffering Gazans that he based on a crazy blog. Yesterday, Frum issued a "sorry not sorry" apology with more conspiratorial accusations. And he backed them up with another crazy blog, one that even Wikipedia won't trust.