The Week Everything Was Gay

Richard Lawson · 08/27/10 05:59PM

Oh God, everything was so gay this week. So, so gay. Work is gay. Zombies gay. Even mosques are gay. Everything is gay gay gay.

Today in Gays: How Gay Is Too Gay?

Richard Lawson · 04/21/10 02:51PM

Let's take a look at gay news of the day. There's a porn star who continues to be too gay, bisexual softball players who aren't gay enough, and a celebrity who is about to reveal just how gay they are.

Is There a PC Way to Talk About PC?

Richard Lawson · 06/23/09 02:39PM

So NYC Prep—Bravo's "real-life Gossip Girl" series—starts tonight. I must admit, I'm embarrassingly, Facebook-statusing excited about it. But one thing is weighing heavily on me: How the hell am I going to talk about PC?

Milk Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black Caught in Flagrante Delicto

Richard Lawson · 06/12/09 04:03PM

Yikes. Dustin Lance Black, the dreamy Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk, has just been betrayed by someone he knows... yeah, in that sense. Someone has sold sex pics to a photo agency, and now bad old Perez Hilton has found them.