'One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Percent Heterosexual' R&B Singer Johnny Gill: Gay Rumors Are Karma

Rich Juzwiak · 03/21/13 03:45PM

On last night's Unsung, TV One's Behind the Music for R&B and hip-hop acts that never quite crossed over into pop megastardom, New Edition's Johnny Gill discussed his life and career. The show regularly examines gay rumors that its subjects have faced (Freddie Jackson and EPMD's Erick Sermon both denied such rumors on past episodes), and Johnny Gill's profile was no exception. That's doubly unsurprising given the reach of the rumors that he and his good friend Eddie Murphy were romantically involved. As usual, Gill denied that there was any truth to the talk, calling himself, somewhat hilariously, "150,000 percent heterosexual."

Which Gay Celebrity Rumors Do You Believe?

Brian Moylan · 08/25/11 12:51PM

You hear them all the time, you read them in blind items, and your friend at the bar knows someone who knows someone who definitely used to sleep with a guy who used to sleep with Bradley Cooper. Yes, we're talking about celebrity gay rumors. But when do you think they're actually true?

Katie Holmes Interview Is "Not Helping To Squash The Gay Rumor"

Raegan · 12/14/07 12:15PM

We all know by now that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are the most awkward couple in Hollywood, if not the entire world. Last night, Keith Olbermann proves that he too reads InStyle magazine and that he couldn't get enough of their nutty Katie Holmes interview this week. In it, she says that Tom thinks it's hot when she has a security detail. Olbermann and Best Week Ever's Paul F. Tompkins think that this tactic isn't exactly the best way to a woman's heart. (They are correct!)