Court Ruling Ends Don't Ask Don't Tell 'Immediately'

Max Read · 07/06/11 06:37PM

The Pentagon says it will "immediately" comply with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling that the military must lift its ban on openly gay service members. President Obama repealed the policy last year, though the repeal wasn't immediate. [NJ]

California Wants to Force Children to Learn about Gays

Max Read · 07/05/11 10:12PM

The California Assembly has passed a bill that would require textbooks and history classes in schools to "include the contributions of gays, lesbians and transgender Americans." According to the bill's supporters, such a requirement would reduce the instance of anti-gay bullying, as well as paint a more accurate picture of American history; according to the bill's opponents, this bill will literally force every child to be homosexual forever, risking their places in heaven. The bill now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk for either a signature or veto; Brown "has taken no public position." [LAT, image via AP]

Rhode Island Passes Civil Unions Bill

Max Read · 06/29/11 10:21PM

The gay dominos are falling! The Rhode Island State Senate passed a bill legalizing civil unions on Wednesday, sending the measure to Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who's expected to sign it. Next up: Man-quahog weddings (catered by Del's). [Providence Journal]

Even Gay Marriage Requires Super-Rich Libertarians

Max Read · 06/25/11 11:25AM

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both have behind-the-scenes accounts of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's successful push for gay marriage in New York. And (surprise!) the key was a bunch of rich Republicans.

GLAAD President Resigns over AT&T Donations

Max Read · 06/19/11 01:51PM

Jarrett Barrios, the president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, resigned on Sunday night following revelations that GLAAD had expressed support of AT&T's merger with T-Mobile—while also taking $50,000 in donations from the company.

N.Y. Assembly Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Max Read · 06/15/11 08:26PM

The New York legislature's lower house passed a gay marriage bill 80-63 on Wednesday, the fourth time the State Assembly has done so. The bill must now pass the Senate, where it currently has 31 of 32 votes needed. [NY1]

Will the Navy Force Sailors to Get Gay-Married?

Max Read · 05/09/11 09:12PM

The Navy is getting a special reward for shooting Osama Bin Laden: Gay marriage! Navy chaplains will be, officially, allowed to officiate same-sex marriages after Don't Ask Don't Tell ends this summer. The news came in a memo, which also covered the possibility of using base facilities for the events:

Jon Stewart Details President Obama's DOMA Shift

Matt Cherette · 02/24/11 11:21PM

Yesterday, President Obama told federal lawyers to stop defending the "One Man, One Woman" Defense of Marriage Act, a step forward for gays seeking equal rights. Tonight, Jon Stewart detailed the developments, and also unveiled a new Twitter account!

Jon Stewart's Harshest John McCain Critique Yet

Matt Cherette · 11/15/10 11:40PM

Tonight, Jon Stewart spent a few minutes discussing, in detail, just how ridiculous and archaic—not to mention ever-evolving—John McCain's stance on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is, marking Stewart's harshest critique yet of McCain's increasingly indefensible views. Watch inside.