Drag Queen Hands Bigots Their Asses at Gay Pride Parade

Rich Juzwiak · 07/02/14 11:17AM

Well, this is cathartic. During the annual Gay Pride parade in Seattle, a drag queen who goes by the name of Mama Tits confronted a pack of garden-variety Bible thumpers telling the gays to repent. Ms. Tits called them on their shit while conducting herself in a manner far more "Christian" than they were.

Homophobe Won't March In Gay Pride Parade Because He's Welcome To

Rich Juzwiak · 03/21/14 03:12PM

Catholic League figurehead Bill Donohue has made a career out of saying mean things about gay people. So furious was he at the outrage over the St. Patrick's Day Parade's continual banning of gay groups that he thought he'd reverse things a little bit and show the gays how it felt when someone who wasn't implicitly invited wanted to march in one of their parades. He applied to march in New York's LGBT Pride parade, vowing to carry a banner proclaiming, "Straight is Great." He also said he'd bring a wedding cake. "That'll really stick it to them," he probably thought.

Pride and Shame: To Pee On Me Or Not To Pee On Me?

Rich Juzwiak · 06/27/12 09:45AM

He said that he was 28, had just come out of the closet last year, and he enjoyed pissing on guys and hate-fucking. We were at Barracuda in Chelsea, and after about 30 minutes of talking, he told me that he'd love to fuck me but he has a boyfriend but could he get my number just in case? Sure.

Everything You Missed from New York's Celebratory Gay Pride Parade

Brian Moylan · 06/27/11 11:32AM

The passage of the marriage equality bill on Friday night couldn't have been timed any better, since it kicked off what was a celebratory Gay Pride weekend in New York City. Rather than a protest or political action, this year's parade down Fifth Avenue and across Greenwich Village was all about celebration. Who cares if the people in Middle America are scared by our drag queens, leather daddies, and dykes on bikes, this year was for us—and what a time it was!

This Is What Gay Men in America Really Look Like

Brian Moylan · 06/20/11 03:09PM

The stereotype of gay men is that they all live in urban environments and prance around in designer clothing saying "fierce" and giving straight women make-overs. We all know that in reality gay men are much more diverse and mundane. Here is a real picture of what today's gay world is like.

Join the Party: Help Gawker Media Raise Money for Same-Sex Marriage

Brian Moylan · 06/02/11 01:22PM

We crack wise about a lot of things here at Gawker, and generally avoid getting all serious and earnest about the political issues of the day. But this month, in honor of Pride Month, we've decided to, earnestly and seriously, throw our support behind something we're truly passionate about: marriage equality. So we're hosting a big fundraiser to support the cause, and we need your help.

A Straight Person's Guide to Gay Pride

Brian Moylan · 06/25/10 03:38PM

If you are a opposite-gender lover you may not know this is Gay Pride Weekend in New York. You should come join the party! But first, here are a few things you need to know before joining the fun.