Here Are the Meds a Straight Guy Needs To Take In Order To Perform in Gay Porn

Rich Juzwiak · 12/10/15 01:07PM

Luke (aka Vadim Black) and Ben (aka Sean Cody’s Sean) (links NSFW) are two straight-identified guys who make their living by doing gay porn. They were both profiled on last night’s True Life: I’m a Gay for Pay Porn Star. They were both extremely firm on their heterosexual orientation (no doubt because their line of work calls it to be questioned regularly, certainly from the outside, but probably internally as well). My takeaway is that these guys are really straight, or they’re by now very gifted at mimicking the kind of ennui that comes from performing sexual acts one wouldn’t otherwise have interest in for money.

Doing Gay Porn Doesn’t Make Reese Rideout Gay, But It Does Make His Wife Look Miserable

Rich Juzwiak · 10/18/12 10:30AM

Reese Rideout aka Cletus Van Damm aka Nicholas Ryan aka Nick Dent (the last being his real name...maybe) has a complicated life: He is supposedly straight but gets paid to have sex with men on film and then gets asked to talk about this to various media outlets. He and his wife, Becki, have appeared in the British Marie Claire, on The Bill Cunningham Show and, as of last night, on VH1 for a one-off special called I'm Married To A... In this case, the "A...," is a self-identified heterosexual man who regularly ejaculates in the arms (and in the other things) of another dude.

Ladies Of 'The View' Pander Shamelessly To Lesbian-Friendly Emmy Voters

Seth Abramovitch · 05/29/08 06:15PM

Asked to assess their Daytime Emmy chances, straight-talking Gay and the City Mario Cantone pointed out for the ladies of The View that voting traditionally favors the lesbian nominee, effectively shutting them out of the race. Still, it wasn't too late to mount an 11th hour, for-your-team-swapping-consideration campaign; before long, the proceedings had devolved into a shocking, four-way sapphic hug-in orgy, the likes of which daytime TV hasn't seen since New Jersey Disney Channel-watchers accidentally glimpsed a portion of Anal Gang Bang Co-Ed Sluts #19. [The View]