Gay Men Arrested for 'Buggery' on Caribbean Cruise

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/12 12:50PM

A pair of 40-something California men were on a gay cruise in the Caribbean this week when police boarded their ship while it was docked in Dominica and arrested them for indecent exposure and "buggery," which is what they call sodomy there. Yesterday morning they pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $900 fine after a Dominican magistrate called them "rogues and vagabonds."

'Out,' 'Advocate' Sold

Pareene · 04/10/08 03:03PM

PlanetOut Inc. used to have a monopoly on Serious Gay Media—they published Out and The Advocate. But they went into tremendous debt and sold their entire magazine and book publishing business to Regent Releasing (owner of Here!) for $6 million. Our favorite theory (because we know nothing of the workings of the gay media): "PlanetOut's financial problem are due to its expansion into the gay cruise business - where it has lost millions." Why on Earth can't that happen to The National Review? [Towleroad]