Scream 4: If the Killer Doesn't Get You, the References Will

Richard Lawson · 01/17/11 04:44PM

Here's a new full-length trailer for Scream 4, the somewhat gratuitously unnecessary fourquel (retch) in the reference-heavy horror series. The surviving originals are all back, plus a cast of youngs and a whole new set of scary movies to ape.

Dear America: You Cannot Wear Your Pajamas at All Times

Brian Moylan · 01/10/11 02:12PM

It started with Pajama Jeans, the eye-searing fashion hybrid that's taken over our TVs. Now comes Jumpin' Jammer'z. Yes, they're footie pajamas for adults. Listen up, people: It's time to put down the sleepwear and start wearing real clothes again.

Glee: Santa's Slaves

Brian Moylan · 12/08/10 03:28PM

Glee's Christmas episode should have been worse than seeing your fat Aunt Fanny in her holiday sweater with reindeer on it. Yet it turned out to be a bright, shining gift under our tree. Praise the Baby Jesus.

Sarah Palin Murders a Caribou

Hamilton Nolan · 12/06/10 11:01AM

Future U.S. President Sarah Palin shot and killed a majestic caribou right there on her reality teevee show last night. Of course, this was necessary to sustain her family through the harsh Alaskan winter. Take a good look, America.

Here's a Drunk Girl Stuck Inside a Dryer

Jeff Neumann · 11/20/10 09:38AM

It's Saturday morning so there's a good chance you're hung over. Not very fun! But at least you're not this girl, who got stuck in a dryer presumably after some serious drinking. And then her friends put it on YouTube.

Glee: Accept No Substitutes

Brian Moylan · 11/17/10 01:28PM

Before the Gwyneth Paltrow edition of Glee, our favorite fictionalized variety show, I was ready to hate her and the episode. Then we watched it and Gwyneth was—I hate to admit it—good. God, she's such a bitch.

Metallica Guitarist Accidentally Kicks a Child

Maureen O'Connor · 11/16/10 04:18PM

During a Sydney performance of "Seek and Destroy," Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is kicking balloons around the stage. He winds up, swings his foot, and—uh oh. Was that a child that just went flying?

Live Coverage: Election Night 2010

Jim Newell · 11/02/10 07:13PM

The reign of Barack Obama ends tonight! What? Oh, it's just Congress and governors and stuff. Let's keep liveblogging. Republicans have already won the House, but can they take the Senate? An unemployed nation waits.

Weather Penis Rams Through Southwest

Jim Newell · 10/22/10 03:58PM

Meteorologists at San Angelo, Texas' KLST station recently discovered a massive penis of thunderstorms preparing to barrel through west Texas and penetrate its tip into Mexico. Video of this red-hot Weather Penis forecast, below.