Tom Scocca · 05/07/13 02:57PM

(The beer-through-the-ears video below is brought to you from Cink, which is like Gawker an online publication in the Blogwire Hungary Szellemi Alkotast Hasznosito KFT family.)

The 31 Most Powerful Promo Seconds You'll See This Afternoon: Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers, The Commercial

Rich Juzwiak · 03/18/13 01:45PM

Tech makes you giddy. Tech makes you fly. Tech makes you sumo wrestle. These are just a few of the things I learned in the whiplash-inducing commercial for the BBC America show Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers, which premieres tonight. (Full disclosure: Gizmodo is owned by Gawker Media and that is 100 percent of the reason why I am reviewing a commercial.) Apparently featuring at least one person (Joel Johnson) that I hear I work within feet of but cannot be sure of because there are too many crappy TV shows to watch and Mariah Carey gifs to make for me to swivel around and survey the Gizmodo area of the Gawker office, Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers none the less seems like it's full of swell, fun-loving people whose gizmos make them say, "Yeah!" "Whoo!" and "Holy crap!" Spoiler alert: It's pretty clear that the gizmos passed their tests. It's pretty clear that the show does, too: The breathlessly frenetic 31 seconds of this ad spot just fly by. It's an exquisitely paced commercial.

The Purpose of Gawker

Nick Denton · 10/15/12 01:53PM

This memo, intended for Gawker Media employees, was published on earlier today. In the interest of sharing our mission to bring editorial and commercial conversation with our readers — those who, under our new discussion platform, truly control it — it is being republished in full here.

Join the Party: Help Gawker Media Raise Money for Same-Sex Marriage

Brian Moylan · 06/02/11 01:22PM

We crack wise about a lot of things here at Gawker, and generally avoid getting all serious and earnest about the political issues of the day. But this month, in honor of Pride Month, we've decided to, earnestly and seriously, throw our support behind something we're truly passionate about: marriage equality. So we're hosting a big fundraiser to support the cause, and we need your help.

Favre Scandal Breaks Through to Today Show

Christopher Mascari · 10/13/10 11:00AM

Deadspin's exclusive story about Brett Favre has been on fire the past week. The scoop by's sister (brother?) site has attracted more than 1 million readers since it was first published and continues to attract national media attention, including an appearance by editor-in-chief AJ Daulerio on the Today show (see above).

Gawker Media Hiring Full-Time TV Booker

Scott Kidder · 08/11/10 12:36PM

Gawker Media, publisher of some of the web's most loved sites, is seeking a booker to handle incoming media requests as well as proactively book our editors for interviews/appearances on television and in print.

Gawker EIC Fired in CityFile Acquisition

Gabriel Snyder · 02/15/10 04:21PM

Okay, this is weird. But here are two internal memos. One affecting me, the other by me. Nick has just announced that Gawker's acquiring CityFile. As part of that deal, I'm losing my job. Now that they are out there, may as well put them here. So that you have them:

Gawker Creative Services Is Hiring

Gabriel Snyder · 02/12/10 05:31PM

The folks at Gawker Creative Services — the ones responsible for the little sponsored posts that run on the front page from time to time — is hiring. Read on if you're interested.

The Gawker Skybox (Update: Had) Issues: An Apology and Explanation

Gabriel Snyder · 11/30/09 10:22AM

Good morning! Welcome back from the long holiday weekend. If you're like us, you're probably wondering why pictures of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black are the first things you see at the top of the home page. It's a glitch, we're told, that's running art from two different ad campaigns on the site right now. Update: the whole thing has been taken down until the issue is resolved. Thanks, ad folks.

Want to Keep Track of Gawker Media's Money?

Scott Kidder · 09/03/09 02:28PM

Gawker Media, publisher of some of the web's most loved titles, is seeking a Controller to oversee all things finance at a fast-growing online media company. Duties include overseeing the accounting staff and bearing ultimate responsibility for financial reporting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and internal controls.

Extremely literal boss demotes editor to columnist

Owen Thomas · 11/12/08 06:00PM

In the wake of his apocalyptic predictions for the online-advertising market, Nick Denton, the owner of Valleywag publisher Gawker Media, read my offhand quip about how I would soon be writing Valleywag as a column for Gizmodo or Gawker, whichever will take me" as a brilliant business suggestion, and he's taking me up on the idea. (Gawker, as it happens.) Nick, I was joking, but if you really think I have such keen insight into how to manage your Web properties, why not make me a strategic consultant to Gawker Media instead — and give me a hefty raise while you're at it?

Robert Scoble now reports to my ex-boss

Owen Thomas · 11/12/08 02:20PM

This will be hilarious: Self-obsessed videoblogger Robert Scoble, managing director of, has a new boss — who's the same as my old one. Noah Robischon is leaving his job as managing editor of Valleywag's publisher, Gawker Media, to run Fast Company's websites, which include Scoble's personal blog, assumes Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton personally pulls the puppet strings at Valleywag, but since I was hired last year, I've reported to Robischon, a friend I've known since we were both at Time. Damn: This means Denton actually is personally pulling the puppet strings now, doesn't it? I'm in so much trouble. But not as much trouble as Scoble: "I'm excited to be getting back into day-to-day editorial, and building something new," Robischon writes. Translation: Scoble will have to start making sense.