Failed Gawker Editor Wrote The Times' "Crash Course in Online Gossip"

hwalker · 03/16/08 10:35AM

One unremarked aspect to that JuicyCampus article in the Times today is that it was written by Richard Morgan. Remember him? Morgan's the guy who quit Gawker after one day. Denton said he "spluttered out" after being unable to handle the site's fast pace, but Morgan claimed he quit because he wanted no part of all this nasty internet gossip. Morgan told New York mag that working at Gawker was "Hell" because "There is no vision beyond page views... Nick would tell me to post, like, something about Us Weekly getting Ashlee Simpson's engagement wrong. And then he wanted me to do another on Playgirl." With the much looser deadlines at the Times, it seems like Richard Morgan has no problem covering gossip blogs or discussing just who might be the sluttiest sorority girl at UC Irvine.