Gawker Hotties: One More Hour of Gossiping

Jesse · 08/03/05 11:04AM

The clock is running out on the nominations period for our Hot Gossips Gawker Hotties competition. So if you've got any favorites, take this last chance to send them in.

Gawker Hotties: New York's Hot Gossips

Jesse · 08/01/05 03:56PM

To whatever extent this statement isn't a total oxymoron, we've thus far walked the high road in our Gawker Hotties competitions. We first considered the dignified First Amendment crusaders at The New York Times. Next came the fully rectitudinous shiksa goddesses of Conde Nast. Now, though, we're crawling back to the gutter — where, frankly, we're most comfortable — to name New York City's gossip-writing hotties.

Gawker Hotties: Have at the Nasties

Jesse · 07/29/05 10:32AM

About time, huh? Here, at long last, is the Women of Conde Nast competition. There were many speedbumps to navigate on the way to this moment, from diffuse nomination patterns (lots of ladies had a handful of votes; very few were clear-cut favorites) to difficulty in finding usable pictures to larger structural questions on how to define our two balloting categories and distribute finalists between them.

Women of Conde Nast: OK, Actually, It's a Train Wreck

Jesse · 07/28/05 04:17PM

Here's the problem. You'd think all the lovely ladies of Conde would be easy to find in Google image search, and you'd think some of the young ones would be on Friendster, too. But no. That would make it too easy.

Women of Conde Nast: It's Coming

Jesse · 07/28/05 02:20PM

We know; Gawker Hotties is running behind schedule. Turns out, there's a lot of plausible hotties at Conde, and we've got a lot of nominations to dig through. (Also, we were out playing softball and drinking beer all night last night, which undermined our plan for an early start this morning.)

The Semiotics of Gawker Hotties Nominations

Jesse · 07/27/05 01:09PM

An anonymous 4 Times Square denizen with far too much time on his hands — don't they all have too much time on their hands? — deciphers for us the situational realities underlying the Women of Conde Nast nominations:

Gawker Hotties: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Jesse · 07/25/05 04:13PM

Last week we heard it for the boys. But now it's ladies' night (or, well, week). And if we're looking for a gorgeous group of female Gawker Hotties, where better to head than just across Times Square from last week's NYT festivities?

Special Sunday Upate: A Gawker Hotties Tie!

Jesse · 07/24/05 05:59PM

We're on the edge of our seat. Will Shortz has the "brains" category wrapped up in our Men of the Times contest, and, as of Friday afternoon, we thought Warren St. John held a similarly safe "body" lead. Things seemed that way through yesterday, too. But then overnight all hell broke lose.

Gawker Hotties: Don't Forget to Vote!

Jesse · 07/22/05 05:40PM

Here's where our Men of the Times contest stands as of just a few minutes ago. It seems all locked up — Warren St. John has a comfortable "body" lead, and Will Shortz, of all people, is well ahead in the "brains" category. But remember that polls are still open till Monday morning, and, of course, that in Double Jeopardy anything can happen.

Gawker Hotties: Polls Are Still Open

Jesse · 07/22/05 11:53AM

If you haven't already, go vote in our first-ever Gawker Hotties competition, this week focusing on Men of the Times. There are two categories, Love Him for His Brain and Love Him for His Body, so be sure to vote for one finalist in each.

Gawker Hotties: Men of the 'Times'

Jesse · 07/21/05 01:10PM

It's here: Our much-anticipated, first-ever Gawker Hotties competition. We tallied your responses, added a soupçon of our own predilections, tossed in a dash of who-can-we-find-good-pictures-of, and, finally, we now present the formal contenders for your voting pleasure. (This recipe took much longer to prepare than expected. Sorry about that.)

Gawker Hotties: One Hour Left

Jesse · 07/20/05 11:01AM

Just a quick reminder that there's only an hour left to nominate your favorite finalists for Men of the Times voting, which kicks off tomorrow morning.