Hud Morgan Inspires Revision to Hotties Campaign Finance Laws

Jessica · 09/02/05 10:48AM

We were too busy chasing the Secretary of State around Manhattan with our Super Soakers to further comment on yesterday's real news regarding Bravo's Tabloid Wars "docusoap." The six-episode show follows the competition between our beloved Daily News and Post; camera crews trailed staffers throughout August, inexplicably documenting the "tension" during the slowest month of the year.

Gawker Hotties: Why You Love the Men of 'Radar'

Jesse · 08/19/05 02:34PM

Our heart — yes, we do have one, thank you — is breaking for Radar's poor Andrew Goldman. He had lots of fans in the nominations phase of this week's Gawker Hotties competition, and he pulled off a pastel seersucker suit with surprising lan at Yankee Stadium for the new issue. And yet in current standings he's behind even Mort Zuckerman. So by passing along this week's batch of testimonials, hopefully you'll be inspired to help the man out.

Gawker Hotties: Pick Your Man of 'Radar'

Jesse · 08/18/05 04:33PM

Right here, right now, we're hitting the apotheosis of this summer's Gawker obsessions: It's time to vote for your favorite Gawker Hottie in the Men of Radar competition.

Gawker Hotties: The Men of 'Radar'

Jesse · 08/16/05 10:00AM

You wouldn't buy it if we told you we were thinking about anything other than the brand-spanking-new Radar all week this week. (You think you know us so well — and yet, curiously, you never seem to remember our birthday.) So we're giving in to the obsession. For this week's Gawker Hotties face-off, welcome to the Men of Radar.

Most Beautiful 'New York'ers: Choose or Lose

Jesse · 08/12/05 05:24PM

Don't forget that polls are still open in this week's Gawker Hotties competition, with eight of New York magazines hottest staffers facing off — for men in one contest, four women in another.

Gawker Hotties: A 'New York' Intelligencer

Jesse · 08/12/05 03:08PM

Need help deciding who deserves your vote in our Most Beautiful New Yorkers competition? It's testimonials time, where perhaps the impassioned plea of nominating email will help you determine which Hottie's for you.

Gawker Hotties: Help Us Help You

Jesse · 08/11/05 03:34PM

As seems to have become a fact of life with our Gawker Hotties competition, we can't seem to find useful pictures of some of the contenders we're considering. But o ur readers, whom we love dearly, are also phenomenal photo researchers. And so once again we turn to you.

Most Beautiful 'New York'ers: The Final Countdown

Jesse · 08/10/05 11:28AM

There's not much time left to nominate your favorite folks at New York — the magazine, that is, not the whole city — for this week's Gawker Hotties competition. We've got a broad range of nominations, but only a handful of people are tallying high vote counts. So just a few more nominations in one person's column could quite potentially put him or her over the top and into this week's finals, which will be announced tomorrow.

Gawker Hotties: We Meant the Magazine, Folks

Jesse · 08/09/05 11:50AM

We thought this was pretty clear in yesterday's new Gawker Hotties announcement, but apparently some of you didn't get it. To be painfully explicit: We're looking for hotties at New York magazine. We are not looking for hotties anywhere in New York. Got the distinction? The magazine is not the city, and we're only interested in the former.

Gawker Hotties: Most Beautiful 'New York'ers

Jesse · 08/08/05 03:34PM

New York, New York, it's a helluva mag. Even more important, it's got a helluva staff, too. So we realized: This week, while the 50 Most Beautiful New Yorkers cover is on the stands and the mag itself is tanned and rested after its midsummer week off, it couldn't be a better time to turn our Hottie sights on that grandaddy of the city rags.

Hot Gossips: They're Strutting Their Stuff

Jesse · 08/05/05 10:50AM

In case you missed it at the end of the day yesterday (finding pictures always ends up taking a lot longer than it should), the polls are open in our current Gawker Hotties competition: New York's Hot Gossips.

Gawker Hotties: Time to Be Our Photo Researchers

Jesse · 08/04/05 12:35PM

Remember last week when were too incompetent to find photos of some of our Women of Conde Nast finalists? Well, we suck no less now than we did then, and so, naturally, we're once again coming up short.