The Daily News Plugs a Hole

cityfile · 06/16/09 11:15AM

The New York Daily News dismissed gossip writer Sean Evans last Friday. The paper has yet to name a replacement to head up the Gatecrasher column with Laura Schreffler, and from the looks of things, the recruitment process isn't going very smoothly. Filling in for the week is "swag hag" Sarah Polonsky, the former National Enquirer reporter who worked very briefly at Page Six in late 2006, but was fired for running afoul of the paper's ban on accepting freebies. (Most recently, she's headed up a website called Guard your gift bags, publicists! Polonsky's email below.

Daily News Gossip Shakeup: Jo Piazza Out, Gatecrasher Returns

Hamilton Nolan · 12/05/08 04:38PM

The New York Daily News has trailed the Post's Page Six in the New York gossip wars for a long time. Now the paper is blowing up its gossip columns and starting over. Two major changes went down today. First, husband and wife gossip team Rush & Molloy announced this morning that they'll be moving from a daily column to a Sunday-only schedule, after more than 13 years. Second—and more dramatic—we hear that Jo Piazza, who wrote the paper's Full Disclosure column, has resigned.

Ben Widdicombe Will Gossip No More

ian spiegelman · 04/27/08 12:43PM

No, The New York Daily News' Aussie gossip maven Ben Widdicombe isn't dead. But the celebrity-party-booze beat is dead to him. After a recent vacation in his native land of 'roos and convicts, Widdicombe has decided to start enjoying life again. His farewell Gatecrasher column will run tomorrow, but he was good enough to share his feelings with us in advance.

Which Manhattan Media Executive Will Reveal His Office Affair?

Emily Gould · 08/27/07 09:20AM

It's been a while since we've had a guessing game, because lately the only blind items gossip hen Ben Widdicombe's been offering up have been along the lines of "WHICH recently rehabbed cokehead starlet still snorts coke" and that's just boring. But today's is kind of interesting to us because we have no idea who it's about. None. "Which very senior Manhattan media executive looks like he might be about to go public with that office affair everyone has been talking about?" Everyone, eh? Please send us your guesses.

Wedding Joy For Marc and Justin!

Emily Gould · 08/22/07 09:00AM

"Is Marc Jacobs engay-ged?" asks gossip biddy Ben Widdicombe today. What a cute way of putting it, Ben! By the way, from now on we're calling your column Gaytcrasher. Anyway, his tipster reports that former rentboy Justin Preston was spotted the other night at Barracuda, flashing a Cartier ring and telling everyone that he was engaged, much as we think he told us two weeks ago. "Then out of nowhere Marc popped up, and they were all over each other, kissing and saying 'I love you." So will they get gaymarried? Are they in homosexualove? Degayveloping!

Which Glamazon Actress Broke Her BF's Nose?

Emily Gould · 03/07/07 11:50AM

Nose breaking: it's all the rage! And speaking of, you know what else is all the rage? Coke-fueled rage! At least, according to today's Gatecrasher column.

Blind Item Idle Musings

Jesse · 03/28/06 03:41PM

We neglected to mention this morning a blind item in Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher column: