Security Footage Shows Woman Torching Car After Being Denied Cigarette

Taylor Berman · 04/29/15 11:00AM

Yesterday, police arrested a woman who allegedly set a car on fire at a Jerusalem gas station after she was reportedly refused a cigarette. Security footage from the station shows the woman talking to a man pumping gas. After apparently asking him a question—several Israeli news outlets report she asked for a cigarette—she walks away, pauses, and walks back to set the man’s car ablaze.

Confused Woman Has a Really Rough Day at the Gas Station

Jay Hathaway · 12/31/14 10:20AM

It always sucks to pull your car into a gas station with the cap side accidentally facing away from the pump, but everyone's done it, and it's not hard to sympathize. Three times, though? How does that even happen?

The Toilet from Hell

Ravi Somaiya · 05/28/10 11:38AM

One Tuesday last June a man stopped at this gas station in Tennessee to use the bathroom. The toilet "malfunctioned." What happened next left him with "urologic injury, neck injury, prostatic trauma with urinary retention… and trembles from pain."