Price Cut at River House, Harnett Home Hits the Market

cityfile · 07/29/09 07:26AM

• Arlene Farkas, the ex-wife of real estate heir Bruce Farkas, has dropped the price of her 14-room duplex at the River House, which she first put on the market in November for $15 million after a state appeals court turned down her ex-husband's appeal to retain ownership of the apartment. The co-op is now listed for $13.5 million. [Cityfile, BHS]
• The apartment where Josh Hartnett had been living until recently is up for sale (or rent). The 2,200-square-foot pad at 237 Lafayette Street, which is owned by music execs James Dowdall and Rose Noone, is available for $2.1 million. Or you can rent it for $7,995 a month. [NYO, Citi Habitats]

Tough Times at 15 CPW

cityfile · 04/15/09 07:32AM

• Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald appears to have given up on his seemingly hopeless quest to find someone willing to pay $90 million for his four-bedroom apartment at 15 CPW—for the time being, at least. The biotech venture capitalist, who paid $30 million for a duplex on the building's 18th and 19th floors last April and re-listed the spread for $90 million a few weeks later, is now renting out the apartment for $75,000 a month. [NYO]
• Attorney Bruce Kaye and his wife Deborah, who paid $7.8 million for a two-bedroom condo at 15 CPW less than a year ago, have put the 32nd-floor apartment on the market for $11.9 million. [Cityfile, MRP]
• Author Gary Shteyngart has put his one-bedroom apartment at 575 Grand Street on the market for $450,000. [Curbed, LoHo]

Gary Shteyngart

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:33PM

Gary Shteyngart, a loveable, furry Russian immigrant, is the bestselling novelist and satirist credited with inventing the contemporary Russian-American novel. He is known for his self-deprecating humor and dystopian take on modern society.

Literary Feeding Frenzy

Chris Mohney · 10/02/06 12:30PM

This Grub Street recounting of a week in the diet of novelist and Good contributor Gary Shteyngart is charming enough, but for some reason we can't take our eyes off the photo. Shown eating breakfast at LES staple Brown, Shteyngart appears to be almost unhinging his jaw to devour one forkful; girlfriend Mabel Hwang prepares to hand off a bolus of lox as the next delicacy. Not as glamorous as some tableaux, but still one for the archives.

To-Do List

Gawker · 01/23/03 09:18AM

1. Hear Gary Shteyngart read from The Russian Debutante s Handbook and Akhil Sharma read from his novel An Obedient Father at Makor.
2. Catch Morcheeba at Roseland.
3. Try the Newport steak at Salt.