Gary Busey's Most Bizarre Moments from Last Night's Wife Swap

Matt Toder · 01/04/12 04:45PM

We all know that Gary Busey is a little (how should we say this?) "off" and last night's episode of Wife Swap didn't disprove what we already know. Busey welcomed Gayle Haggard, the wife of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard, into his home, giving him the chance to expound on some of his life philosophies, including his belief in past lives, love of high school athletics, and the importance of farting in the sink. Here is all the insanity in under a minute.

Ted Haggard to Appear on Celebrity Wife Swap

Richard Lawson · 09/21/11 10:55AM

Meth-smoking, man-screwing Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard will soon be swappin' wives with none other than Gary Busey on the upcoming "celebrity" version of ABC's Wife Swap.

The Underwear Model Who Became Levi Johnston

Richard Lawson · 04/27/11 05:01PM

Or rather will become. The role of Levi has been cast, and the actor who will play him, like Levi, enjoys taking his clothes off for money. Also today: Superman casting, Piranha casting, and movie awards hosting news.

Gary Busey Endorses Donald Trump

Max Read · 04/19/11 08:11PM

Squinty boor Donald Trump has secured a crucial endorsement! Gary Busey, the wild-eyed actor and celebrity apprentice, is not only campaigning for Trump, but has created an acronymic "Busey-ism" in support of the candidate: "Taking Redirection, Understanding Massive Power." Poetic and political!

The Gary Busey Crazy Train Stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Matt Cherette · 04/19/11 01:38AM

Yesterday, Gary Busey was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice. But fear not, dedicated fans, for he returned to TV screens tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And you know what? His interview with Kimmel—which ranged from a discussion of body language, to "Buseyisms," to Meatloaf-bashing—was just as entertaining as Busey was in The Donald's boardroom.

The Craziest Moments From Gary Busey's Tonight Show Appearance

Matt Cherette · 04/08/11 02:49AM

If there's a word to describe Gary Busey, "normal" is definitely not one of them. Case in point: Busey's interview with Jay Leno on this evening's Tonight Show, which was chock-full of insane moments. Here they are in one handy video!

Gary Busey Complains About His Interview Being Too Short on Access Hollywood Live

Whitney Jefferson · 03/31/11 12:00PM

After discussing his on-the-spot word acronyms and the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary's interview with Kit and Star Jones began to finish up—but he wasn't ready for it. While Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez was being teased, he shouted "is that it?" three times before jumping up and clapping.

Let's All Watch Gary Busey Accidentally Flash His Junk

Whitney Jefferson · 03/28/11 12:30PM

Last night on the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary Busey continued his crazy train by giving us a flash of his "Big Wednesday." What's that, you ask? Said Gary, "That's what my fiance calls my, uh, apparatus."

Conan Uses His Blimp to Stalk Gary Busey

Whitney Jefferson · 11/23/10 12:38PM

When Conan realized that he was in Hollywood with a giant blimp at his disposal, he decided he should stalk Gary Busey with it. And why not? What other target would react in such a way?

Gary Busey Raps With Some Chicks From Entourage

Dan Grappone · 11/10/10 07:00PM

Spike wants you to know they're running episodes from every season of Entourage. This music video gets the word out — which features a few chicks who had bit parts on the show — and, of course, Gary Busey!