Millennials Too Cool for Gap but Love Walmart

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/15 09:06AM

Boring person clothing store THE GAP, faced with falling sales, has announced that it will close 175 stores across America in a sad attempt to feel less unpopular. Who is responsible? Yes, it’s the dreaded millennials.

Gap Stores Wither and Die: Bland Uniformity Suffers

Hamilton Nolan · 10/14/11 10:24AM

Do you frequently shop at undistinguished clothing store "[Just, no 'The'] Gap?" Haha, what is wrong with you? Bad news, friend: you should know that you are not participating in the current popular fashion trends!

Branding's Greatest Misses: The New Gap Logo

Hamilton Nolan · 10/07/10 11:06AM

People really are very upset about the new logo of famous clothing store GAP! Whereas the former white-on-blue logo was iconic, the new black-letters-next-to-a-little-blue-box design has Gap fans and branding experts alike befuddled and discombobulated.

Fashion's New Favorite 'Flaw': Gap Teeth

Max Read · 09/09/10 03:01AM

Do you have a gap between your two front teeth? Don't be ashamed! In fact, you should run quickly to your nearest modeling agency! That's right: Gap teeth are totally fashionable, right now.

Your Pants Are Lying to You About How Thin You Are

Max Read · 09/07/10 11:44PM

Most guys have probably guessed that mainstream clothing companies are a little bit... generous with their measurements. But they probably haven't guessed how generous. The Dockers 36-inch waist? Actually 39.5 inches around. And they're not even the worst offenders.

That Is Some Shady Shit

Brian Moylan · 08/13/10 12:40PM

[A window at a Gap on Third Avenue suffers from an indecent exposure, when the sun casts a funny shadow on a poster inside. Photo via A Fine Blog]

Cyber Monday crashes an online-shopping tradition

Owen Thomas · 12/01/08 01:20PM

As white-collar workers return desultorily to their desk jobs, they waste time by shopping online. To capitalize on this, a group of online retailers invented "Cyber Monday," a day of Internet discounts to match Black Friday's in-store deals. You'd think that the planned traffic from such a staged event would go off smoothly. But you'd be wrong.

Guilt-free business in China, the 100-word version

Nicholas Carlson · 04/29/08 11:40AM

China's Internet population now exceeds that of the United States. But before moving into the market, companies like ABB, Gap and Novartis are scrambling to figure out how to do so without looking evil in the eyes of consumers in free societies. The Financial Times solved the problem in 885 words. A 785-word-lighter version: