ConFonz at GDC: Will Wright's sloppy like Poppy

ndouglas · 03/24/06 02:30PM

Valleywag conference correspondent ConFonz pops in from this week's Game Developers Convention in San Jose, where the future's cloudy and the strippers are far away.

ConFonz: Sid Meiers stays at the W

ndouglas · 03/17/06 11:38AM

The ConFonz calls in from 2K Games and sets a few records straight — like whether the gaming gene is dominant.

ConFonz at the I-Play party

ndouglas · 03/10/06 11:03AM

The latest ConFonz update leads right into an afterparty gossipfest. Continuing from where he left off:

Confabulous: Sony's North Beach Xbox bash

ndouglas · 03/03/06 09:19PM

Another corporate event report from another unfortunate attendee; this poor writer's pain is our glee. Here's the scoop from a Sony fest from San Fran's Beat neighborhood.