North Carolina Town Cracking Down on Checkers

Lauri Apple · 05/21/11 04:56PM

In one of the latest examples of America's ongoing war on sidewalk freedom, the police in Mt. Airy, N.C. have started cracking down on out-of-control board game players. Even ex-cops who impersonate beloved characters from old-timey television shows aren't exempt from the rules.

Angry Birds Gives Fathers and Sons Excuse to Talk to Each Other

Remy Stern · 04/29/11 01:09AM

Back in the 20th century, America's dads passed down viable skills (masonry, woodcarving, mafioso-ing) or bustling family businesses (brick laying, carpentry, the syndicate) to their beloved sons, in hope that their offspring would grow up to become productive, progress-making citizens. But now all dads want to do is play the damn Angry Birds game. What kind of role-modeling is that?

Can You Guess the Celebrity by the Hairstyle?

Brian Moylan · 03/23/11 02:02PM

London-based artist Christina Christoforou has drawn hundreds of celebrities, rock stars, fictional characters, and famous personages in her unique style—using only their hair—for her new book Whose Hair? Can you guess who these coifs belong to?

Play Wikileaks: The Video Game

Adrian Chen · 12/12/10 11:42AM

Want to know exactly what it feels like to run Wikileaks? Play this game. You, Julian Assange, must sneak into the oval office and download 300,000 classified documents from Barack Obama's laptop using a thumb drive while he sleeps.

This Toddler Is Addicted to Angry Birds

Matt Cherette · 12/10/10 03:00PM

Ayden is two-years-old; therefore, he should care about nothing but candy and pooping, right? Nope! Because Ayden's addicted to Angry Birds, and not even a bribe of candy can make him loosen his grip of his dad's phone. Watch inside.

This Girl Shoots Basketballs Like a Machine

Matt Cherette · 11/15/10 01:29PM

One of the world's most popular arcade games is the basketball one—you know, where you have about a minute to sink as many hoops as possible. Well, you have nothing on this girl. Watch (and be amazed) inside.

This Ad Will Make You Want To Play Scrabble Immediately

Kate Shapiro · 11/06/10 03:10PM

In this ad launched by Ogilvy & Mather Paris, an apartment building gets into some ridiculous high jinks. Watch as an octopus, a giant and a bald drum player collide in this hilarious video ad for Scrabble Trickster.

This Dog Plays Yahtzee Better Than You Do

Matt Cherette · 11/01/10 03:45PM

You may fancy yourself pretty good at board games—Yahtzee in particular. But, you know what? This Border Collie just crapped all over your "accomplishment" when he threw a Large Straight... on his first try. Watch—in utter amazement, natch—inside.

This Kid Knows World of Warcraft Better Than Its Creators

nightintern · 10/26/10 04:26PM

At Blizzard's recent video game convention, BlizzCon, a kid at a Q&A knew the World of Warcraft story better than the people who wrote it. How about that! Witness a man who has achieved a legendary level of nerdiness, inside.

Johnny Knoxville Plays a Game of Human Operation

Whitney Jefferson · 10/13/10 05:20PM

Well now! The title just about says it all, now doesn't it? Last night on Late Night, Jimmy and Johnny played a life-sized game of Operation. Watch what pretty much can be summed up as my childhood nightmare, inside.

Online Girlfriend: $36 an Hour Plus Tips

Ryan Tate · 09/29/10 02:17PM

She'll talk to you, she'll play games with you, and for a little extra she'll consider doing even more. Welcome to GameCrush, the new website that helps nerds battle loneliness and young women battle the recession.