Watch Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Break Their Own Faces With Footballs

Aleksander Chan · 06/05/14 09:15AM

Two things we learn about Tom Cruise from this game of "Face Breakers," where he and Jimmy Fallon throw footballs at glass frames with their faces etched onto them: Tom Cruise is pretty good at throwing footballs; Tom Cruise takes himself very seriously while throwing footballs. This is how you win games on late night talk shows.

Tom Scocca · 09/23/13 04:03PM

Anti-anti-sexism expert Christina Hoff Sommers has repeatedly warned America that boy-hating educators are forcing children to play namby-pamby things like "Circle of Friends," in lieu of traditional, vigorous games of tag. "Circle of Friends," Amanda Hess discovered, is freeze tag.

Maggie Lange · 05/30/13 08:32AM

After being all like this is just a one-time thing about Arrested Development, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, now says he would be "willing" to continue the series if the "talent were willing." This playing hard to get is toying with our hearts.

How Old Does Google Think You Are?

Max Read · 01/27/12 10:08AM

Here's today's fun internet game: who does Google think you are? Google thinks I am a 65+ year old man, possibly because I am always searching things like "what time does The Good Wife start" and "movies with no violence or sadness in them" and "when will I die." (Google also thinks I am interested in "Arts & Entertainment - Celebrities & Entertainment News." Fair enough.)

How a Geek Cracked the Jeopardy! Code

Ryan Tate · 11/16/11 05:33PM

Roger Craig had never been on Jeopardy! before, but by the end of his first day of taping, he'd won five games in a row, the most lucrative day for any contestant in the show's history, including the most lucrative game in the show's history. His secret? A web app that modeled the show's all too predictable question sequences.

Scrabble Champion Demands Opponent Be Strip-Searched

Seth Abramovitch · 10/18/11 01:30AM

The 2011 World Scrabble Championships in Warsaw were thrown momentarily into chaos when a 25-year-old Thai player, Chollapat Itthi-Aree, accused opponent Ed Martin, a 35-year-old IT-consultant from London, of palming a missing "G" tile. Itthi-Aree demanded judges accompany Martin to the bathroom and strip-search him, but they refused. Martin won the game by a single point.

Word Puzzles Suggesting Sexxxy Things Again

Lauri Apple · 08/30/11 04:15AM

A blogger and word-game enthusiast shares this photo of the Scrabble Grams published in their newspaper last Saturday. When unscrambled, the top two rows of tiles formed the words "leakage" and (it seems!) "butt sex." Scrabble Grams are now created by Justin Bieber.

Pottermore Beta Encourages Wand-Play With Minors

Remy Stern · 08/20/11 11:55AM

The beta version of Pottermore, the much-discussed multimedia-moneymaker-somethingorother announced by J.K. Rowling in July, has gone live for a few thousand obsessive fans. How obsessive? To qualify as beta testers of Pottermore, they had to find seven different clues on seven different websites on seven different days. At the Sony website, they were asked how many owls appear on a particular shop sign in Diagon Alley, and told to multiply that number by seven. At the Guardian website, they were told to multiply a particular Quidditch game's score by 35. (Wizarding is mathy business.)

Chicago Loses Its Shit Over Two 'Terror' Bricks

Lauri Apple · 07/10/11 05:20PM

Emmett DeFrisco became Chicago's most famous cosplay kid yesterday after someone found his homemade, duct-taped, bricks-and-wires contraption in a public park, determined that the unusual object was a Suspicious Package, and called law enforcement. The whole park got shut down because of this thing!