Game Show Goes from Bad to Worse to Fine to Surprise Twist Ending

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/24/12 11:25AM

Set Up: On the short-lived American game show The Moment of Truth, where contestants are hooked up to a polygraph machine and forced to answer embarrassing, life-ruining questions for the chance to win a few dollars, a "husband, father, and carpenter" has just "torn his family apart" with "some startling confessions."

Here's a Video of People Falling Down on the Last Wipeout

Matt Cherette · 07/07/11 02:48AM

Wipeout is a game show on ABC in which contestants tackle "the world's largest obstacle course" in the hopes of escaping with $50,000. More often than not, though, they leave with nothing but bumps and bruises. Watching these poor saps fall down in every way imaginable is the most entertaining thing about Wipeout, and viewers often wish the show contained nothing but the contestants' mishaps. Which is why Gawker video intern Daniel LeDonne took last week's new episode and edited it down to the most schadenfreude-heavy two minutes. Enjoy!

Watch a Computer Win $1 Million on Jeopardy!

Matt Cherette · 02/16/11 07:37PM

Tonight brought us part three of the ultimate Jeopardy! challenge, with an IBM-created computer, Watson, battling all-time show favorites Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. In the end, Our New Robot Overlord was victorious, taking home $1 million for "his" charities.

A Fail of Militaristic Proportions on Wheel of Fortune

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 08:23PM

Tonight's Wheel of Fortune featured three contestants who are currently serving in the US Military. Yay! That said, two of them had quite the problem solving the game's final puzzle—even after it was mostly filled out. Watch inside.

Girl Goes Crazy After Winning on Wheel of Fortune

Matt Cherette · 11/11/10 08:14PM

Man, has Wheel of Fortune delivered lately. Obviously, the Greatest Solve Ever™ episode takes the cake (watch here), but tonight's show—which featured a girl going completely crazy after solving her Bonus Round puzzle—is a close second. Watch inside.

The Weirdest Correct Answer in Family Feud History

Matt Cherette · 11/10/10 08:46PM

Just when we thought we'd seen it all on Family Feudremember?—a contestant ventures a guess for, "Something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house," and gives the most random correct answer ever.

Is This the Most Amazing Solve in Wheel of Fortune History?

Matt Cherette · 11/07/10 10:08PM

On Friday's Wheel of Fortune, something crazy happened. You see, a woman named Caitlin solved a seven-word, 27-letter puzzle with only one letter filled in, stunning Pat Sajak (and everyone else in the studio). Watch the unlikely feat inside.

Is This Guy the Most Entertaining Jeopardy! Contestant Ever?

Matt Cherette · 10/19/10 07:59PM

Jon Golbe is an actor/TV writer/Brooklynite. Tonight, Golbe was a contestant on Jeopardy!, and—for several, possibly unknown reasons—he stole the show more than any other contestant in recent memory. Inside, a compilation of Golbe's best (or worst?) moments.

The Night Gawker Took Over Jeopardy!

Matt Cherette · 09/28/10 06:48PM

Isn't this neat! On tonight's episode of Jeopardy—during the "Double Jeopardy!" round—there was a category called, "Blogs & Bloggers." You know where this is going, right? When the $1,600 answer came up... well, just watch and see.

Anderson Cooper Sucks at Jeopardy!

Matt Cherette · 03/19/10 12:25AM

Tonight brought us another edition of celebrity Jeopardy!, with Cheech Marin, Aisha Tyler, and the Silver Fox himself, Anderson Cooper. Well, Cooper kind of sucked. Actually, he really sucked. Are CNN anchors incapable of playing Jeopardy! well? Inside, video highlights.