Look, Game of Thrones Has Shown Us Dicks Before

Jordan Sargent · 05/24/16 02:30PM

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones will be remembered as one that rewarded emotional investment in a show that, in recent seasons, has given its viewers plenty of reasons to check out. The series became famous for suddenly killing off major characters in the least merciful ways imaginable, but the newest episode ended with a beloved figure dying in a manner that was excruciating and brutal but also honorable and sort of elegant. Oh, and earlier in the episode they showed a dick.

You-Know-Who Is Not Dead: A Game of Thrones Theory

Jay Hathaway · 06/15/15 10:40AM

Pretty great final two minutes of Game of Thrones season 5, huh? How about that part where a character you were absolutely sure was crucial to the ultimate resolution of the show—the small matter of a battle between “fire” and “ice”—just got mercilessly snuffed out before your eyes and then the credits rolled?

Royal Drama in Saudi Arabia!

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/29/15 12:33AM

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman is making some bold moves to consolidate his power, the New York Times reports: one prince got the royal bump, another prince just got bumped out, and the first member of a new generation is priming to take over.

Kylie Jenner Is 2 Cool 4 School

Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/21/15 11:15PM

A new generation doth rise: Kardashian Q Score heir Kylie Jenner is reportedly quitting the high school of quitting high school (home school) to assume her rightful position as most beloved person related to Kris Jenner.

Here's Sansa Stark Delivering a Brutal Shot to the Nuts

Jay Hathaway · 10/17/14 04:31PM

If you've spent most of Game of Thrones waiting for the moment when Sansa Stark finally gets to deliver a devastating kick to a Lannister or Frey's family jewels, please enjoy this. It might be as close as we ever get.