New York Founding Editor Clay Felker To Be Memorialized This Evening

Moe · 09/22/08 11:43AM

You're invited, space permitting, to a memorial service this evening for the beloved New York magazine founding editor Clay Felker. It's at the New York Society for Ethical Culture and starts at six. Tom Wolfe, Gloria Steinem and Lesley Stahl will pay tribute to the man who taught a city to talk about itself at a celebration organized by New York and Gail Sheehy, the writer and widow of the late editor. Felker's legacy, which Wolfe in July described as nothing less than the restoration of vitality to a bloodless, disconnected New York media, is also honored less directly today in New York's excellent issue on the Great Shakeout.

Photo: Hillary Clinton's Toilet Press Room

Ryan Tate · 03/04/08 10:49PM

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is winning in Ohio and tied with Barack Obama in Texas. She may yet live politically to fight another day, including in April and May contests in Pennsylvania, Oregon and North Carolina. But she'll have to placate a press corps no doubt traumatized and, perhaps, a touch hurt by her recent decision to set up their desks in the restroom of an Austin, Texas community center. As noted previously, the Wall Street Journal last night highlighted writers Tina Brown and Gail Sheehy's proximity to a set of urinals. Now Getty Images has a sad photo showing the campaign hacks' exact working conditions. Click on the pic at left for a larger version.

Hil Makes Friendly With Backstabby Press

Pareene · 03/03/08 11:07AM

Hillary Clinton is never, ever, ever going to stop campaigning. If she wins Ohio and Texas, she will obviously soldier on. If she wins Ohio but not Texas, she will slightly less obviously soldier on. If she wins neither, she will probably still soldier on. Meanwhile she's getting all punchy in her speeches, she's thrilled that everyone is making fun of her 3 a.m. phone ad, and she's getting friendly with the press again. Even the members of the press who have written or are in the process of writing embarrassing books about her! According to the New York Times, Hillary even pretended to be happy to see Gail Sheehy, a woman who has made Senator Clinton's public life miserable almost since she entered public life.