Obama Worships Our Saudi Overlords

Ryan Tate · 04/08/09 09:52PM

The conservative press is very upset at this latest Obama GAFFE, in which he does a subservient bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, or maybe just bends down to shake shorty's hand.

Barack Obama Doesn't Do Gaffes

John Cook · 03/20/09 11:28AM

You can't win, White House press corps. Your frantic and stupid attempts—motivated by a misplaced sense of fair play—to pin down Barack Obama as a gaffe-prone president won't work. Here's why.

John McCain Doesn't Know How to Manage a Beaver

Owen Thomas · 02/27/09 04:31PM

Oh, Twitter! Even senators say the darnedest things on the dynamic compendium of Internet users' stupidest thoughts. "How does one manage a beaver?" asked John McCain mid-pork tirade. More tweets that left us speechless:

Chris Matthews's Groundbaking Speech

Sheila · 08/28/08 05:09PM

The appearance of a giant pot-leaf poster and an "IMPEACH BUSH" skull behind Chris Matthews must have flustered him, given what he said next...

Biden Unveils First Insane Statement As Running Mate

Ryan Tate · 08/27/08 11:51PM

We told you Joe Biden was going to say something inappropriate and crazy sooner or later, and he has proven us correct, spectacularly, very quickly. In his Democratic Convention address tonight, Biden almost referred to John McCain as "George W. Bush." before catching himself halfway. Not that the two men aren't politically similar, but there's not much point in taking potshots at the one who isn't running for anything. But here's what we didn't anticipate: Biden has put his foot into his mouth so many times that he's gotten really fast at recovery. In this case, Biden only needed a split second to apologize for his "Freudian slip," which is sufficiently clever that the gaffe almost looks pre-arranged. Now he gets the press frenzy that comes with a screwup plus the message control that comes with a carefully scripted statement! Crazy like a fox, this one. Also, clean. Click the icon for the video, which includes bonus footage of Barack Obama very nearly uttering the rock-star words, "HELLO DENVER!!"

Socialite Hits Up 1,310 of Her Closest E-mail Friends for Charity Donation

Sheila · 08/26/08 02:14PM

Memo to socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones: next time you send a mass e-mail to over one thousand of New York's media and social luminaries, try the blind-carbon-copy function! That way, one of those 1,310 people won't embarrass you by forwarding it to websites like this one (awkward!) Ms. Snowdon-Jones sent the e-mail for donations to charity:water—for her birthday—and an explosion ensued. It reads like a very stressful cocktail party! A cornucopia of names hand-picked from the mayhem:Nightlife and Bungalow 8 queen Amy Sacco, Andrew Kennedy, Ronson mom Ann Dexter-Jones, former Dalton teacher and Schooled author Anisha Lakhani, professional gossip Ben Widdicombe, Bronson Van Wyck (the expressway was named after his family), Caroline Rowley, Charles Rockefeller, Charlotte Ronson, Danielle Vreeland, NYLON magazine's Dani Stahl, David Gruning, socialblogger David Patrick Columbia, Social Life magazine's Devorah Rose, New York magazine's Emily Nussbaum, socialite Fabiola Beracasa, someone named "Hannah Chadwick Tippy Tart," Mens Vogue's dandy Hud Morgan, soccer player Aaron Chandler, clothing designer Izzy Gold, Lauren Bush, Misshape's Leigh Lezark, model-actress Natasha Henstridge, rock-and-roll photographer Mick Rock, attorney Petra Von Ziegesar, society photographer Patrick McMullan, a bunch of Soho House people, and socialite Olivia Palermo (she once told Page Six magazine she wants to be a "brand" when she grows up.) God, I need a drink. Update! From charity:water:

Joe Biden: Bad Choice

Pareene · 08/19/08 12:28PM

It looks like the smart money is on Delaware Senator Joe Biden for Obama's running mate. Mark Halperin's already announced it in his typical cryptic way (after erasing his "if I don't know the selection it hasn't happened yet" post from last night): "Bo knows," he says, which probably refers to Biden's son, Beau, though why Beau would know is unknown. Why would Obama choose Biden? Our theory is that Obama just likes Biden. He's a funny guy. But is it a terrible choice? We think it is! But we'd love to be wrong! Pros and cons (mostly cons), below. The official line is age, experience, and foreign policy expertise-Biden matches up well against McCain by outdoing him on most of his strengths besides the "tortured for five years by homos" thing. But with Biden comes the history of saying insane and inappropriate things and, you know, the plagiarism. (We said he matched up well with McCain!) And hey, let's look at some of our favorite moments of Biden saying something insane-taken entirely from his recent run for the presidency! July, 2006:

Martin Bashir's 'Boner' Video

Sheila · 08/07/08 02:26PM

The transcript was bad; the video is excruciating. Nightline host Martin Bashir—famous for interviewing Princess Diana and Michael Jackson—made some fratty/middle-aged comments last week when he was chosen to be the keynote speaker at the Asian American Journalist's Association: "I've never been in an environment with so many beautiful Asian babes in my life. In fact, I'm mightily relieved that the podium covers me from the waist downwards. I've been having trouble all evening." He also creeped out his ABC colleague, 20/20's Juju Chang. He's since said he's sorry (sorry he got caught!) Now that we have the video (full video from AAJA here), which will haunt him via the Internet for years, he'll be really sorry.