'So She's Enjoying Penis a Little Bit More Is She?'

Ravi Somaiya · 05/15/10 10:03AM

This week ABC in New Orleans ran a risque story about an injection, G-shot, which can increase a lady's sensitivity down there. It was a segment filled with euphemisms. But not for anchor Michael Hill, who just flat-out said it.

Ex-Hockey Coach Makes Anti-Semitic Gaffe

Zach Mack · 04/22/10 11:31AM

There are many things you can do while visiting Montreal: you could barhop the world famous nightlife, you could try poutine, you could try speaking French, or you could make anti-Semitic gaffes about noses on national TV.

Joe Biden's Gaffes: A Foot-in-Mouth Chronology

Mike Byhoff · 03/24/10 11:50AM

After the health care bill became the health care law yesterday, Joe Biden dropped an f-bomb heard 'round the world. However, this was one of Biden's least egregious gaffes as it was accidental. The others are just PR nightmares.

Joe Biden: Run to the Hills, Run For Your Life

John Cook · 04/30/09 09:44AM

Joe Biden went on the Today Show this morning and very calmly explained that you are going to die from swine flu if you don't lock yourself in a safe room now.