Hamilton Nolan · 07/09/15 12:41PM

Jeb Bush’s ill-advised comment yesterday that “people need to work longer hours” not only shows the outlandish nature of his promise of 4% economic growth, it will also push even supportive voters towards his opponents—after all, no one wants people to work longer hours more than Scott Walker.

Jon Stewart Explains the Life Cycle of the Political Gaffe

Matt Toder · 06/11/12 10:28PM

The political gaffe, once something that had the power to ruin careers and destroy campaigns, can now come and go in a single day. Since that's exactly what happened with something President Obama said the other day, Jon Stewart took a moment on tonight's Daily Show to take us through the life cycle of the political gaffe.

The Republican Assault on Capitalism and Its Cherished Leader, Mitt Romney

Jim Newell · 01/09/12 12:37PM

Well it's about time that these losers got around to knocking the dickens out of Mitt Romney, that great labor liquidator of the shareholder value revolution. Everyone, right and left, is pointing and laughing the sad galoot over this clip, in which he says he likes firing people. No, scratch that: He says he likes "being able to fire people." What does he really say?

Mitt Romney Flip-Flops on His Own Name at GOP Debate

Matt Cherette · 11/22/11 08:32PM

The CNN Republican national security debate is currently underway in Washington, DC. At its onset, moderator Wolf Blitzer invited the candidates to introduce themselves after providing them with a sample: "I'm Wolf Blitzer, and yes, that's my real name." When it was Mitt Romney's turn, the former Massachusetts governor said, "I'm Mitt Romney, and, uh, yes, Wolf, that's also my first name." Except that Romney's first name is actually Willard?

Herman Cain Wants to Know How to Speak 'Cuban'

Max Read · 11/16/11 07:58PM

Are we sick of Herman Cain saying stupid things? No? Good: here's video of the Republican front-runner asking a bunch of people in Miami "How do you say 'delicious' in Cuban?" This is, we guess, Cain's third embarrassing gaffe in as many days, if you don't count his entire campaign as slow-motion, multi-day gaffe. And, no, "he was tired" won't fly as an excuse—he's asking because he's enjoying a cup of Cuban coffee.

Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Happy Birthday, on His Death Day

Jim Newell · 08/16/11 01:57PM

Michele Bachmann opened her event in Spartansburg, South Carolina today by wishing Elvis Presley a Happy Birthday! How nice. The thing is, Elvis died 34 years ago today. He was born in January. So all in all, a pretty typical day for Team Bachmann.

Some of Mitt Romney's Best Friends Are Corporations

Jim Newell · 08/11/11 01:16PM

The Obama reelection campaign better send Mitt Romney a thank-you note today, for uttering such a clip-worthy attack ad statement — "Corporations are people too, my friend" — at the Iowa State fair today, in response to some libtard hecklers. Come on, Mittens! You, specifically, look quite bad saying such things!

Tina Brown Embarrassed Herself on TV This Morning

Brian Moylan · 07/06/11 11:55AM

Daily Beast and Newsweek commander Tina Brown was an utter embarrassment on Morning Joe today. It wasn't because she was talking about her horrific Zombie Princess Di cover again. It was that she failed to do the most rudimentary thing before going on live television: shut off her cell phone.

Making Lobbyists Wear Badges: The New Holocaust?

Jim Newell · 07/01/11 01:18PM

In an effort to tweak its ethics rules following a spate of corruption, the Massachusetts House is considering among other things a requirement that lobbyists wear ID badges in the statehouse if they're "seeking access to House members or staff." This doesn't seem controversial. Then again, maybe it's the Holocaust?

Obama Gets Malia's Age Wrong—Twice

Matt Cherette · 06/29/11 10:05PM

During his big press conference today, President Obama was asked about Congress' refusal thus far to raise the nation's debt ceiling. After imploring Republican lawmakers to stop procrastinating and "get this done," Obama took a shot at them by praising his daughters' study habits: "Malia and Sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time. Malia's 13, Sasha's 10... they don't wait until the night before!"

Barack Obama Is Living in the Past

Jim Newell · 05/24/11 02:29PM

President Obama has made the most epic gaffe in United States presidential history, just a little while ago. During his visit to Westminster Abbey today, he signed the guest book along with the date "24 May 2008." Not only did he not write "May 24" like a Real American would've, but he was also off by a year or two — at least.

CNBC Anchor Grateful No More Money Was Killed In Japan

Adrian Chen · 03/12/11 06:01PM

Wow! This must be seen to be believed. CNBC's Larry Kudlow talked about Japan's earthquake yesterday: "The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that." It's hard to say if this was a blooper or just a horrible thing he actually believes? Watch the video and judge for yourself. [Vanity Fair]