How to Spend $3 Million in 12 Minutes

Matt Cherette · 10/12/10 08:36PM

For the last four days, MUNI contractors worked around the clock replacing tracks at the corner of 30th/Church in San Francsico. It cost $3 million. Using a Canon A590, Ken Murphy made this incredible 12-minute time-lapse video of the construction.

Angry Man Bashes Elevator with His Scooter, Falls Down Shaft

Matt Cherette · 10/06/10 04:42PM

And the winner of next year's Darwin Award is.... this guy! Watch as a man rams his motorized scooter into an elevator after missing it, ultimately breaking the panels and, sadly, plummeting to his eventual death. (Video isn't graphic, FYI.)

This Is What Happens When You Try to Do a 360 on a Swing

Matt Cherette · 10/06/10 04:10PM

In today's edition of, "What'd you think was going to happen?" we have this: two guys help a third do a 360 on a swing, and—while the first few rotations were successful—he ends up being a human torpedo.

This Is the Car Park of the Future, and It's Awesome

Matt Cherette · 09/28/10 04:36PM

Holy moly is this amazing: check out The Cube, a new, state-of-the-art car park in Birmingham, UK, that takes any possible human error out of the equation to ensure that your vehicle gets placed—and retrieved—with ease. Video inside.

iPhones Are the New 8-Ball Jackets

Hamilton Nolan · 09/28/10 10:46AM

Grand larcenies in the NYC subway system were up 15% last month, and police say it's all thanks to one devious crime: people grabbing your iPhone, or iPod, or other iThing, and running away. Do you never learn, trendsetters?

This Dog Is Very Confused by an Escalator

Matt Cherette · 09/20/10 04:22PM

Sometimes, dogs amaze you with their stupidity; other times, they amaze you with their smarts. We're not sure which of the two this video—of a dog who is very confused by an escalator—falls under, but it's still cute.

If Trees Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Ruhi Shamim · 09/16/10 01:51PM

Ever wonder what the trees would say if they could talk? This Brussels tech team is creating a way to tweet what this tree feels, to create a science for what the tree would say if it could talk.

Meet the World's Most Efficient Packer

Matt Cherette · 09/16/10 01:15PM

Meet Tommy. Tommy knows how to pack a bag! And in case you didn't believe me (or him), watch this video of him packing a crapload of clothes into a 22" REI Stratocruiser carry-on backpack/suitcase, using his mom's foolproof method.

These 3 Gadgets Will Help You Speed with Impunity

Chris Wyman · 09/16/10 09:30AM

In this clip from yesterday's Attack of the Show!, Morgan Webb takes a break from video games to remind us that ticket-avoidance technology has come a long way since that clunky Fuzzbuster your dad had in his Datsun Z.

Arduino-Powered "Equinox Clock" Will Shock, Awe, Tell Time

Matt Cherette · 09/07/10 12:51PM

Hey, this is pretty cool! Here's inventor Bram Knaapen's Arduino-powered Equinox Clock, which ditches the traditional hands interface in favor of customizable LED displays. Inside, a video that demonstrates the Equinox Clock's main features, and an overview of its specs.

Worst Product Ever Gets Worst Infomercial Ever

Matt Cherette · 09/01/10 04:00PM

Do you like to text, but get slapped by women because you hit the wrong keys and write things you don't mean? Then buy Textees, a stupid rubber thing that you put on your thumb! Watch the cringe-worthy infomercial inside.

This Is the Stovetop of the Future, and It's Amazing

Matt Cherette · 08/26/10 02:56PM

Here's a video for The William, an electric, touchscreen stovetop concept with 1,500 honeycombs that are individually activated when they come in contact with a pot or pan—and which can be controlled/customized meticulously. This. Is. Awesome.

"Great Russian Keyboard Purge" Goes Awry

Matt Cherette · 08/16/10 09:49PM

This video, titled, "System Administrator's Day in Russia," was uploaded recently and features a few Russian men hurling keyboards across a parking lot. At first, you may be all, "Meh," but watch to the end and—well, you'll see.