These Brontë Sisters Action Figures Are the Best Thing Ever

Matt Cherette · 12/14/10 03:19PM

OK, so technically they don't exist, but here's an amazing parody ad for Brontë Sisters Power Dolls, who must "fight evil publishers to get their books into print." If you're not already sold, I have one word for you: Brontësaurus!

This Toddler Is Addicted to Angry Birds

Matt Cherette · 12/10/10 03:00PM

Ayden is two-years-old; therefore, he should care about nothing but candy and pooping, right? Nope! Because Ayden's addicted to Angry Birds, and not even a bribe of candy can make him loosen his grip of his dad's phone. Watch inside.

Introducing The Free High Five Cam

Sarah Prial · 12/08/10 10:27AM

It's kind of creepy, kind of scary but totally awesome. Follow the free high five cam and its stalwart leader as he high fives random passerby. Including Cookie Monster. Buckle up and reinforce your wrist before clicking through.

Mark Zuckerberg One-Ups the Winklevii—Again—on 60 Minutes

Matt Cherette · 12/05/10 09:49PM

Tonight, 60 Minutes aired its Mark Zuckerberg profile. Also featured: the Winklevii, aka twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who sued Zuckerberg for "stealing" their idea. And once again, Zuckerberg came out on top with a smart, sassy dis. Watch inside.

Möbius Strip Used to Play Harry Potter Theme

Annie Fleming · 12/04/10 05:00PM

In a moment of genius, someone took a strip of music and twisted it into a Möbius strip, allowing both sides of the music strip to be played for eternity. Math and music really do go hand in hand.

South African Ninja Burglars Steal Three Plasma TVs in 20 Seconds

Matt Cherette · 11/19/10 02:09PM

A plasma television-stealing epidemic is currently plaguing the South African city of Port Elizabeth, with homes/businesses containing the devices being targeted by a savvy group of thieves. Inside, watch three masked crusaders lift three of them in just 20 seconds.

What Does George W. Bush Like to Read on His iPad?

Matt Cherette · 11/07/10 07:05PM

Former President George W. Bush's interview with Matt Lauer airs on NBC tomorrow night, but tonight's Nightly News gave us a tech/gossip-focused preview. Apparently, Bush has an iPad—he likes to read gossip on it! Find out what inside.

iPhone App Powers French Electro Duo's Music Video

Christopher Han · 11/01/10 03:15PM

Think of it as an upgraded mustache finger. One that features moving mouths that sync up to the song. The song is "I Love U So" from the artist Cassius, and the app can be downloaded for free.

Pumpkin Can Scroll Text with the Help of 70 LED Lights

Christopher Han · 10/30/10 10:40AM

Install a functioning 5x14 LED matrix inside of your pumpkin, and your neighborhood will know who's reigning geek on the block. Think you can make one yourself? Follow the link for instructions.

This Is the Most Amazing Halloween Costume Ever

Matt Cherette · 10/28/10 04:44PM

Seriously, I'm not joking. I don't think I've ever seen a Halloween costume as epic as this one. Watch as a small, cardboard-looking yellow car on a party room floor transforms (hah) to reveal an actual person under/inside of it.

World's Smallest Catapult Hurls World's Smallest Pies at Bugs

Matt Cherette · 10/27/10 09:19PM

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Somehow, and for some reason, someone created a tiny catapult with the express purpose of hurling various pies—also tiny, as in 3.5 millimeters in diameter—at a bunch of bugs. This. Is. Awesome.

This Is Not a Human Being

Matt Cherette · 10/27/10 04:53PM

Last year, news that Japanese company Koroko would start manufacturing ultra-realistic android fembots scintillated the world. This week, Koroko unveiled its first "Actroid-F" android, and let's just say that she—and her facial expressions—is insanely, creepily lifelike. Video inside.

InstyMeds: Harbinger of the Robot Uprising?

nightintern · 10/26/10 02:30PM

Today on The Doctors, the world was introduced to InstyMeds, a prescription vending machine. A little information, and out come your drugs! Citizens and luddites beware, this machine controls your health and well being. And it will control you, too.

Homemade Hot Wheels Track Definitely Made By Adults

Christopher Han · 10/21/10 10:20AM

This is one of the longest, most intricate, and coolest contraptions you could ever build your kid. Watch a Micro Machines car zip through and loop around a course that most definitely did not come with an instructions manual.

The Ultimate Hoodie For Nerds Has Algorithms In Every Stitch

Dan Grappone · 10/13/10 04:24PM

Watch this video outlining the creation of the DARPA hoodie, which is made with the help of advanced military applications. These tech nerds have figured out a way to make a hoodie with a computer? Mind blowing stuff, inside.