Wiping Up Condiments Has Never Been So Much Fun

Matt Cherette · 03/27/11 10:11PM

Don't you hate it when you're squirting out some ketchup or mayonnaise or whatever and you misfire, thereby spilling the flavorful gooeyness all over your table? If so, then this little condiment-wiping (scraping?) contraption will help! It'll also amaze you.

And Now, a Cat Battling a Washing Machine

Matt Cherette · 01/05/11 04:14PM

You know that, "If a black cat crosses your path, it's bad luck" saying? Does it still apply if the cat—named Robocop, here—is busily engaged in a battle with a front-loading washing machine? Or is it just cute?

Apple Debuts iPad Commercial During the Academy Awards

Matt Cherette · 03/07/10 09:10PM

We already know it's Hollywood's biggest night. Now, Silicon Valley is having an event of its own. Why? Because Apple just debuted its first iPad commercial during the initial break of the Oscars telecast. Inside, video of the 30-second spot.