So Far, The People vs. O.J. Simpson Is Fun TV, and Not Much More

Rich Juzwiak · 02/03/16 12:49PM

The opening scene of FX’s new series The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story achieved true horror that no Ryan Murphy production previously has, not even the one named American Horror Story. Dread descended in the dreamlike moments leading up to the discovery of Nicole Brown Simpson’s mutilated body outside her home. That the series was able to achieve actual tension was truly masterful, given that just about everyone tuning in knew exactly where this was going.

American Horror Story: Things Are Really Bumping in the Night

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 10/06/11 11:18AM

Straight up horror, that delightful combination of gross-out thrills and sexual chills, is usually something best enjoyed in short bursts, which is why it works wonderfully at the movies. But on TV? FX is giving it at shot with American Horror Story and, boy, is it something!

Kevin Costner Rescued by Quentin Tarantino

Richard Lawson · 07/18/11 04:59PM

A faded American favorite is getting a second chance, from the famous giver of second chances. Also today: bad news about Charlie Sheen, good news about a ghost story, and Breaking Bad breaks out.

The Star-Making of Idris Elba

Richard Lawson · 06/22/11 04:48PM

A favorite from The Wire seems ready to ascend to new heights with a new role. Also today: the (once-again) return of Jason Patric, the bold ideas of Randy Jackson, and the baby movie to end all baby movies.

Hell on Wheels: AMC Goes Western, Young Men

Brian Moylan · 05/03/11 03:17PM

AMC, home of critical favorites like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead, has always wanted to be just like FX. Now that FX has a western hit with Justified, it's no surprise AMC has its own Western all set for fall. It's called Hell on Wheels.

Joaquin Phoenix Rises From the Ashes Like... a Phoenix

Richard Lawson · 04/13/11 04:20PM

Though he once said he'd "quit acting," that was all a hoax, and Joaquin Phoenix really hasn't quit acting at all. Also today: the return of the return of musicals, Jessica Lange makes a TV project even more exciting, and Bradley Cooper is seriously miscast.

Everybody Loves Chris

Richard Lawson · 03/30/11 04:33PM

Apparently Chris Brown, bellicose pop star, still has plenty of fans. Also today: the return of Dana Delaney and Nancy Travis makes us feel like it's 1994 all over again, Bryan Cranston gets a major role, and Kyle Chandler mulls his next move.

Jennifer Aniston Really Just Wants to Direct

Richard Lawson · 03/29/11 03:05PM

Yup, after all those romantic comedies and derailed thrillers (well, just one of those), Ms. TV America has decided to shuffle on back behind the camera. Also today: a beloved Agatha Christie character gets a makeover, Johnny Depp meets his younger self, and no more vampires!

The Real Housewives Are Voted Out of Washington

Richard Lawson · 03/24/11 04:00PM

Bravo is reportedly shedding some of their Housewives dead weight, thank god. Also today: two Buffy alums find themselves in comedy pilots, Josh Radnor is the hardest working man in showbiz, FX cancels a critically lauded show, and Skins wins.

Debra Messing Returns to What She Knows Best: The Gays

Richard Lawson · 02/07/11 05:25PM
  • Debra Messing just cannot stay away from the gays! This is what everyone will say about the new pilot she's going to star in, Smash. She'll play a lyricist working with a GAY MAN on a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. This is an NBC sitcom pilot all about a musical! So who cares about the gay guy?? Debra Messing could be doing this show with a ten-pound stinkbug and I'd be excited about it. The Debra Messing part could itself be played by a ten-pound stinkbug and I wouldn't care. (I'd maybe even be more excited?) Let's forget the Grace 2.0 stuff and focus on the fact that Glee has made theater slightly cool for a hot minute and enjoy it. [Deadline]

Will Lights Out Be Another Success for FX?

Matt Toder · 01/12/11 05:00PM

Recently, FX has established itself as a great venue for interesting, edgy television - shows like Always Sunny, Damages and the Shield have made it a network filled with quality programming. How will its newest show, Lights Out compare?

The Bad Luck Tale of Donal Logue

Richard Lawson · 12/06/10 05:09PM

The dude just can't seem to make it happen. Sad thing. Also today: the return of Chris Tucker, Neil Patrick Harris gets an interesting gig, and a comedy about politics seems redundant.

Are Illegal Immigrants Stealing All Our Crime Drama Roles?

Adrian Chen · 11/05/10 04:37PM

FX is developing a drama with an illegal Mexican immigrant as its protagonist. The Drudge Report picked up the news, and now conservatives are outraged, because criminals have never been glorified in the history of the moving picture.