The Simpsons Pay Tribute to Futurama

Whitney Jefferson · 03/28/11 02:05PM

Last night there was a blink-and-you-missed-it easter egg in the opening credits of The Simpsons. Perhaps it's a celebration by the Simpsons crew after Futurama's renewal?

Television's Greatest Robots: A Video Timeline

Anderson Evans · 11/09/10 11:30AM

Bask in the glory of man's metallic monstrosities! Sing the body electromagnetic! Feel the magnificence of network android denizens from Japan's cartoon contraptions to limey British borgs! These are television's most iconic artificial citizens, and you must watch them now!

Futurama Celebrates 100 with a Disgusting Mutant Uprising

Henry Baker · 09/02/10 11:25PM

Like all great things meant for nerds, Futurama, especially this season, has dealt with a lot of issues of equality and acceptance. On the 100th episode tonight, mutants finally gained theirs (Leela included) with an old fashioned sewer march.

Futurama: The Perils of Mind-Switching

Henry Baker · 08/19/10 11:05PM

Tonight's episode was proof that switching bodies with someone else is never as fun as Freaky Friday makes it look. The machine asks an important question: would you switch bodies with a 180-year-old man just to pig out on snacks?

Futurama Debates Evolution For You

Henry Baker · 08/13/10 12:20AM

On tonight's Futurama, The Professor was challenged with a pertinent evolutionary debate. Watch as he is right about something for the first time ever.

I Can Haz Futurama Episode?

Henry Baker · 08/05/10 11:25PM

Futurama tonight was overtaken by the glory of cats. Here is the adorable alien history you've been waiting for, complete with ancient Egyptian pyramid theory. Is this the first move in Futurama's quest to conquer the internet?

Watch Bender's Surprisingly Touching Origin Story on Futurama

Henry Baker · 07/22/10 10:05PM

Everyone who's anyone already knows that Bender Bending Rodriguez the Robot was "Hecho En Mexico". What we didn't know was that the foul-mouthed drunkard-bot can owe his continued livelihood to another member of the cast. Find out who inside.

A Pride March in the Year 3000, Courtesy of Futurama

Henry Baker · 07/08/10 10:58PM

Tonight's Futurama provided us with a hopeful look into the future of Gay/Robosexual/Horse-and-Ghost Marriage, although there are still haters. It's good to have Bender on the side of equality.