The Internet brought us naked animal drawings, but at least it saved the Rubik's Cube

Nick Douglas · 01/09/08 07:14PM

Beyond its obvious benefit to gamers, videographers, and other hobbyists, the Internet has enabled certain obscure non-media communities to flourish. Speedcubers, for example. Rapid Rubik's Cube solvers were rare for the last couple of decades, but the Internet brought a recent rush of enthusiasts. As Google engineer and speedcuber Lars Petrus explained in the documentary "Piece by Piece," a Rubik's cube fanatic is probably the only one in their city. Without the net, there's no way to find other fans. Now teens are catching on, thanks to online lessons, tips and solutions ("What's the trick?" asks another solver in "Piece by Piece." "Years of painstaking work") such as Petrus's site and the video below.