Tragically Wasted Soccer Mascot Falls, Can't Get Up

Jay Hathaway · 05/06/15 09:45AM

What is the saddest thing? Possibly: a heroic lion mascot in a cape who has become too drunk to stand and collapses on the soccer pitch, his giant fuzzy head lolling and falling off in his hands. Underneath, he is only human, like the rest of us. He is also drunk, like the rest of us.

Watch a Juggalo Wedding Ceremony

Rich Juzwiak · 03/17/14 10:08AM

This weekend, MTV ran a mini-marathon of three episodes of its best show (possibly ever), True Life. Though the episode title "I Want Respect for My Sect"4 seemed to hint at a portrait of militant Mormon fundamentalists, the actual show was even more off the wall (as if that seemed possible before it aired). Instead, it profiled a vampire (who says she was born that way), a furry (but not for "perverted" reasons), and Hannah, the Juggalo woman ("Juggalette") in the clip above, who struggled with the fact that her strict, Christian father did not approve with her upcoming Juggalo-themed wedding ceremony. He was fine with her getting married—he even accompanied Hannah and her Juggalo husband, Jeremy, to a ceremony at City Hall—he just didn't want to take part in the whole Juggalo thing. It wasn't, according to him, a traditional wedding.

Furry Congressman David Wu Resigns

Jim Newell · 07/26/11 11:44AM

Oregon Rep. David Wu, a tigersuit-clad furry sex monster, apparently won't sit out the rest of his House term before resigning. He's issued a statement announcing his imminent resignation — just as soon as the debt ceiling debacle draws to a close, which it never will.

Furries Descend on Pittsburgh for Fur Suit Festival

Maureen O'Connor · 06/24/11 02:38PM

Thousands of furries descend on Pittsburgh this weekend, for the sixth annual Anthrocon, America's foremost convention for "anthropomorphics," commonly known as "furries." Participants are already wandering the streets of Steel City, wearing costumes and carrying puppets, posing for pictures with locals, going to raves, and singing "furraoke" while boozing at local bars.

Unicorn Samurai Are People, Too

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 01/06/10 05:00PM

A relatively recent, routinely marginalized element in the system of psycho/social/sexual identification is the furry community. Feelings on or fears of furries aside, here is one of that congress doing what he loves: practicing samurai moves dressed as a unicorn.

Lock up your daughters, because David "Talin" Joiner is on the loose

Jackson West · 06/23/08 05:40PM

At a birthday party for game developer David "Talin" Joiner hosted by former Powerset CEO Barney Pell, the guest of honor provided guests with $5,000 to spend any way they collectively wished. What did they choose to spend it on? $1,000 to give Joiner a makeover and an electronic copy of Neil Strauss's modern pick-up manual The Game. Yes, the man pictured here waving the wad of cash will shortly be dispensing negs in the hopes of a fuck-close. But hey, if it works for "Benny" Pell, it might work for the man responsible for Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, an inspiration to furries everywhere. In a side note, Michael Arrington got a little huffy because nobody at the party read his blog.