Diddy Did Join Downton Abbey After All

Neetzan Zimmerman · 05/16/13 07:40AM

Sean "P.uff Di/addy" Combs took to his Twitter account yesterday to announce that, incredibly, he had been cast as the first black cast member of the popular Masterpiece Classic series Downton Abbey.

Zoe Saldana and Kate Bosworth Star in Idiots

Leah Beckmann · 03/30/11 04:00PM

When two beautiful women enter a bar, the bartender (Janeane Garofolo!), is threatened by them. She explains that they have the maturity of two-year-olds. With a problem like "stinky peepee," a low maturity level is the least of their problems.

Danny Pudi Shows Us Where the Magic Happens

Whitney Jefferson · 03/22/11 06:15PM

In a new video from Funny or Die, we find out exactly how much game Community's Danny Pudi has in the proverbial bedroom. Apparently, he's more into his magic tricks than getting the act done.

Darren Aronofsky Reveals the Real Inspiration for Black Swan

Marie Bardi · 03/16/11 04:30PM

Director Darren Aronofsky claims it was comedian Todd Barry's deli manager character in The Wrestler that led to Black Swan. It's just that the ballerina subplot in The Deli Manager took on a life of its own. Sorry, Todd!

Katie Couric Investigates "The Sillies"

Whitney Jefferson · 03/09/11 07:00PM

See what happens when Katie Couric investigates the ailment that affects children worldwide—a case of the sillies. In this video, she sits down with an adorable crew of kiddies and informs them that they're living a lie.

What if Jesse Eisenberg Had Auditioned for 127 Hours?

Preksha Kumar · 03/06/11 03:00PM

In this hilarious impression, an awkward and emotionless Jesse Eisenberg (FOD's Scott Gairdner) flatly announces that it won't take him 127 hours to get out. Granted the guy looks nothing like Jesse, but he's expertly-mastered the voice and nervous energy.