Show This Video to Your Friends That Are Applying to Law School

Christopher Han · 10/24/10 04:00PM

Someone used the make-your-own-animation web tool to create this scathing (and commendable) video. "You know there are more people in law school right now than there are lawyers on the entire planet? Think about that." - St. Elmo's Fire (1985)

Mr Show - Pre Taped Call In Show

Matt Leary · 04/24/10 12:30PM

This sketch comes from season 3 of consistently butt-gusting Mr. Show. David Cross has seemed to master the art of the comedic nervous breakdown and the old guy sitting next to him mastered the art of being emotionless and elderly.

John Hodgman's Broadcast Correspondent's Speech: Obama Is The First Nerd

Foster Kamer · 06/20/09 12:30PM

John Hodgman nailed an utterly hysterical speech to President Obama at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner yesterday, slagging on media for a while, before hopefully designating Obama as our first nerd president. Obama's Vulcan salute after the jump.

Video: Nearly Beheaded Bret Michaels Is Not Long For The Theater

Foster Kamer · 06/07/09 07:35PM

So, this just happened: there's a Tony-nominated musical called Rock of Ages, which is a "jukebox" of 70s/80s anthem-rock staples, starring American Idol alumnus Constantine Margulies. Bret Michaels performed with the show tonight, and it did not go well.

When Legos Just Don't Cut It

Foster Kamer · 05/31/09 04:58PM

Schwah? These're what appear to be some cheeky advertising student's project - for a theoretical History Channel For Kids - that got published in their Dutch advertising school's journal. Bizarre, disturbing. 9/11 one might not be as "funny" as the other two (JFK's assassination and Normandy Invasion) after the jump.

One More Thing: The Great Regression

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 06:47PM

What do you do when the world's economy is falling apart and God only knows when things will get better? Duh! You get together with your friends, pretend that you're six, and start building some sofa-and-blanket forts stat! Dig deep into your memories for the days when food and shelter was someone else's problem, and find some clips that hearken back to those warm and cozy—and lost—times. They don't have to be cartoons, but they do have to be from childhood. That's all. I'll start with my biggest childhood hero.

Pranksters Descend on Chris Matthews

ian spiegelman · 10/05/08 02:04PM

During Friday's taping of Hardball, some audience members felt that this election simply isn't as hysterical as it could be, so they decided to do something about it. Host Chris Matthews was blissfully ignorant that the real show was going on just behind his back, with people in the crowd holding up signs featuring such stirring political rhetoric as "Tire Swings Are Not Toys!" and "Shawshank Redemption Deserved an Award!" Hmm... Wonder why no one in Matthews' crew let him in on the fun? Click through to view the LOLZ.

Will Ferrell Answers Fanmail on the Internets

ian spiegelman · 09/20/08 02:28PM

Everyone's favorite shaved bear of comedy, Will Ferrell, was good enough to brave the wastelands of the Internet to answer questions from the legions of anonymous hellions who lurk in the comments section of movie websites. As usual, they were very, very interested in male genitalia. Click to view