Joe the Plumber Witnessed Doing Actual Plumbing (for a Photo Shoot)

Jim Newell · 01/24/12 04:11PM

Joe the Plumber, whom our senior citizen readers might remember as the guy who asked presidential candidate Barack Obama a tax question on YouTube and briefly became a conservative celebrity, has this new fundraising ad out for his congressional run in Ohio. By "fundraising ad," however, we mean "Facebook photo," and in this photo he appears to be doing plumbing work, something he hasn't had much time for in recent years between all the conservative conference guest gigs and wet t-shirt contest refereeing at radon-filled clubs.

What Is This Proletarian Doing to Mitt Romney's Feet?

Jim Newell · 01/12/12 05:00PM

By now we're all very familiar with that one photo that Mitt Romney probably wants destroyed — the one where he and his buddies are erupting with cash money — since it appears in most anti-Romney campaign ads and articles and blog posts all the time. But what about this other one, which your Gawker Political Desk had not seen until yesterday?

Rahm Emanuel Befriends Fellow Evil Monster

Jim Newell · 04/27/11 11:22AM

It appears that Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel has found his top political adviser, a red man-sized furry bull whose "fixer" talents have largely been wasted in his previous role as a mascot for the Chicago Bulls basketball team. It really wouldn't be surprising to see Rahm Emanuel leave his wife for this natural soul mate. [30FPS via Wonkette]

Old Man Scores At Cancer Benefit

Pareene · 05/21/08 05:26PM

There's really almost nothing to be said about this except that yes, we are ashamed of ourselves. While perusing New York Social Diary's photos from the American Cancer Society's "Celebration of Life" ball (looked like a blast!), well, we noticed the couple at the far right, reenacting a prom that happened before you were born. It would almost be sweet, if it weren't totally gross that old people have the same needs and desires as us. [New York Social Diary, Photo: Scott Rudd (ACS)]

Neckties Are So Hot Right Now

Emily Gould · 10/11/07 09:40AM

"Check out any art gallery, advertising agency or downtown bar where the cool kids hang" and you'll find neckties, claims David Colman in the Times today. It's true, we have noticed kids wearing ties a little more lately—maybe it has to do with that band "The White Strokes" or whatever they are called that the hip cats are listening to! Also we are apparently given to understand from the Times' photographic evidence that the neckties help you convince people to let you put your digits into their orifices.

"Inster" Post-Hipster Fashion "Trend" Makes Us Miss Hipsters

abalk · 06/27/07 10:48AM

We shop at the Gap and splurge at Banana Republic [Ed. Note: Umm, speak for yourself, straight man], so we are the last people in the world to judge anyone else's fashion choices. But whatever this new "inster" trend is, we are not having it.

Kate and Owen's Unborn Child is Manufactured by Hasbro

Emily Gould · 11/28/06 11:30AM

We'll be the first to concede that the whole "if they mated" joke has gotten less interesting as technology has advanced — those CSI-style mockups of what celeb couples' putative offspring will look like in Star has sort of killed the funny. But an extra-alert (or actually, maybe extra-high) tipster sends in an image that, to his/her mind, represents what will happen if sunny Goldie Hawn offspring Kate Hudson and goofy-nosed Wilson brother breed, and since a proposal may be in the offing — Page Six reports that Wilson totally went to a jewelry store, so obvs they are pretty much already engaged — we thought we'd share it with you. After the jump.

Great Moments in Photojournalism: Watch Out, Alice!!

Emily Gould · 11/27/06 12:50PM

Okay, to be fair, maybe we're expecting too much from a student newspaper. That's the in-house organ for SUNY Binghamton. Called the Pipe Dream. But come on, Staff Photographer Jacqui Levin! What kind of menacing phone caller wears black opera gloves just to dial? A really, really menacing one, we guess. "International awards" may not be "out of BU's league" in some realms, but we're going to go out on a limb here and guess that journalism ain't one of them.

Welcome To The Working Week

abalk2 · 07/11/06 04:00PM

The weirdness that is the Internet continues to offer up its bounty. To wit, the image above, part of a "small, sixteen-page pamphlet [that] is produced to put inside the postage-paid, business-reply envelopes that come with junk mail offers. Every envelope collected is stuffed with the pamphlet and mailed back to its original company." To see the rest, follow the link below and then click on "Business Reply Pamphlet." WARNING: Those of you who've been pissing and moaning about how our new giant headlines make Gawker unsafe for work may want to look around before clicking through. (Related: You're kind of all pussies.)

'NYT': Continuing to Protect Crotches

Pareene · 10/04/05 04:10PM

An emailer sends along this scan of an article on "transgendered barflies" from Sunday's Times City section, saying it features an "intriguing, subliminal hyphen break:"