Family Turns Mother's Funeral Into "Party," Has Corpse Hold Menthol

Aleksander Chan · 06/12/14 10:40PM

Miriam "Mae Mae" Burbank's two daughters told WGNO in New Orleans that their mother was "full of life" and that they wanted her funeral to be just as lively. A "last party" if you will. So they convinced funeral directors to help stage her body with all of her favorite things: Busch beer, menthols, crossword puzzles, disco lights, and tiny New Orleans Saints helmets.

Dayna Evans · 05/31/14 01:11PM

A dilapidated home in the Mantua neighborhood of Philadelphia was torn down this afternoon after local art school students eulogized it with a proper service in a project called Funeral For A Home. Photo via Jessica Kourkounis/AP.

4,000 Police on Duty at Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

Maggie Lange · 04/17/13 08:45AM

In fashion typical of the day, a horse-drawn carriage delivered Margaret Thatcher's coffin to St. Paul's Cathedral in London earlier this morning. The procession route passed a divided crowd, split between cheerers and hecklers. The threat of demonstrations, particularly those from Irish Republicans, caused an influx of security throughout London. The procession was flanked with British Army, Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy as well as over 4,000 Metropolitan Police on duty for the event.

Today's Song: Lady Gaga Invites You To Her Funeral with 'Princess Die'

Rich Juzwiak · 06/27/12 04:20PM

At last night's Melbourne stop on her Born This Way Ball tour, Lady Gaga debuted the song "Princess Die," and everything about it was ridiculous. "It's about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I've ever had and it's called ‘Princess Die. D-I-E. D…I…E," she announced, motioning to her Lisa Frank journal with a highway unicorn on its cover.

If Joe Paterno Is Your Enemy, Fred Phelps Still Can't Be Your Friend

Brian Moylan · 01/25/12 10:00AM

When the news broke yesterday that Fred Phelps and his infamous "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting the funeral of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno for his role in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse cases, some of Paterno's harshest critics approved. They think the disruptive presence of Fred Phelps' evil minions, shouting nonsensical passages from Leviticus as some sort of posthumous justice for Paterno's complicity with Sandusky sexually molesting young boys. But there's a difference between the evil that's perceived and real, diabolical evil, and he's not the one being put in the ground.

Burned Is the New Buried

Hamilton Nolan · 12/09/11 04:16PM

Used to be, we buried the bodies of the dead in the ground. Imagine the cost: coffin, embalming, funeral service, shovels. Labor. It adds up. Nowadays, we just burn em.

Amy Winehouse's Funeral Is Under Way

Maureen O'Connor · 07/26/11 10:45AM

Amy Winehouse is laid to rest. Blake Fielder-Civil memorializes her from yet another jail cell. Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up. Lauryn Hill's boyfriend left her for a model while she was pregnant with his child. Tuesday gossip is somber.

Woman Dies At Her Own Funeral

Richard Lawson · 06/24/11 11:27AM

Like something out of a Sam Raimi movie or a really dark version of Tom Sawyer, a Russian woman who was declared dead after collapsing with chest pains awoke at her own funeral and promptly died of a heart attack caused by the shock of waking up at her own funeral. Comically tragic or tragically comical? [Daily Mail]

Princeton Alumni Send Tackiest Memorial Service Invitation Ever

Maureen O'Connor · 05/23/11 04:39PM

This weekend, Princeton's class of 2006 celebrates its five-year reunion with a standard-issue bacchanal. This year's theme: "'06 Feet Under." Cute, right? Except when they announce the '06 reunion memorial service, which now looks like it is being introduced with a wacky pun.